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Great music selection in all genres and times. Fantastic

Not only is this the BEST music downloader. Surprisingly

Love how u can still listen to music while in a call. Just wow

cant play music on anything else but ur cell. Not nice

I love this app but i can't download Christian music. Deleted it

thank God I finially found a downloaded that isn't crape downloaded fast and has all the songs I look up no gliches. must have

I found this app mostly reliable. Some of the songs don't always download but besides that it's been a great app for something that's free

I downloaded the application and it works better than any other mp 3 application out there. I really enjoy it. I give it 2 thumbs up

Great app and has very fast download time with a slow internet source i recommend this app to everyone that wants a good music download app!

For months I was searching for a great music downloader that I can rely on , and i found it.Music Download is great ,fast and a easy way to download songs..

I can find all the music I hear on mixtapes I can download old school and new school music I like this app I can download my music and play it with no problem

Great.... but! Good app for free music. But some dont download or wont let u preview them. Id give it 5 stars but it gets 4 1/2 stars. I lovet tho.. Recommend to get Music Download APK.

Not to shabby! The app runs pretty smooth and the selection is great. Very few songs I cant find. Deserves it stars.. Recommend to get Music Download APK.

#music-search Fantastic & Easy :)! This app makes downloading songs & creating ringtones from those songs quick & easy!

Nice! Pretty decent app. Can access lots of music of all genre. Downloads are stored in app as well as on your phone.. No ads. Very realiable and Norton rates as SAFE, unlike some apps I've installed in the past. Recommend to take Music Download APK.

#mp3-download Better than I thought! So I thought this be like download and sync or send it to your phone in some complicated way, but no. I search, preview, download, and it automatically puts it with the music already on my phone! Anyone saying they're having problems, probably just doesn't know what they're doing. As I always say, people these days are stupid.

#music-downloader Nessa! I have used a couple of music download apps and this is by far the best!! It plays all kinds songs even the songs ppl have never really heard of!! Thnx!! Keep it up! ;-)

#music-downloader Legitimately finds most songs! I enjoy this free music app, since music wizard went down this is the most worthy I've found. I like it, has mostly everything, there's some artists that they don't have all of their music, but if you re search with the song title it'll usually find it for you. If you like unknown remixes, great app for that :))

I love you guise xD! This is an absolutely amazing app. I'm using it right now! You sir/ma'am, are awesome.

Awesome! Love this app!!! Have been searching for apps with a lot of songs from different genres & I finally found one. Love the lyrics part of it. I wish it will have more romanji lyrics for kpop but that doesn't affect how awesome this app is.

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