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This is an superb awesome game I like it very much this is a very good game till have ever played thank you for inventing this game Just wow

Well my daughter is getting good with her multiplication facts so its really good Flawless

Its a really good learning app for kids and is pretty well pull together game TOTALLY install it. Highly Recommend.

It is a very good game because playing this game will make us very easy in the maths. Great job

it's very good and I learn how to multiple from 1too100 and it very easy like 5 murtiple by 3=15 Great!

Good to have in, parctice is must for tables, just difference is its on mobile n not on book. Perfect!

I think that this game is the smartest game i ever installed. Kids who have a bit of trouble with math should get it to practice. It is a great game!:-) Muito bom!

Shut up! Shut up! Those of you who gave 1 star to this app will feel humiliated!!!!!!!!!! DONT beg after this ' same to you'!!!!!!!!!!Any one of you who begs, I will take away 1,000 XP from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupefy!!!!! Perfect

Very very very very very much nice game, fun,enjoy and I hope I will enjoy this game Worth a go!

It is very helpful for learning mutiplication table, Superb!

Best app ever good for me to learn! This is my moms account so yeah im ten and i love this app! Good

its very fantastic game not only for children even for everyone its very useful we calculation on calculator but we don't use our mind so it's very good i really like it Good

I like this game because it gives us the difficult number to solve and I like to say that I have finish all the level in this game it amazing game.. Highly Recommend.

I really recommend this game for kids who have trouble learning their tables Superb!

I think this game is good i'm going to get an A or an B on my quiz this Friday Must have

Its extremely heathy especially over the summer my kids use this app on there ipad in their spare time! Thank you Well done!!

This game is a good game my kid love it and she learn from this thank you app for my child Go well

I just don't like when my big tell to do this everyday. She just want me to do it for the Georgia Milestones...... Enjoy it!

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