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Almost perfect. I wish you could denote foil cards in your deck and even have the value calculator recognize the foils too. That would be GREAT! Other than that I am happy with the app Worth a go!

Amazing app. Great for building decks on the road and fast search to find any card. Only two things that I could see for improvement: an undo button or deck history, and a slightly better deck tester. love it

This app is amazing I use it all the time it has handy features such as a lifetotal. And if your making a deck on it you don't even have to know the name of the cards. However I would recommend a sharing platform where you can see decks other people post but otherwise it is an amazing app that I would recommend to every magic player. love it

I use it all the time; When I'm on the go, just want to lay in bed without a laptop atop of me, that kind of thing. The only thing I dislike is how adding cards to a deck, like to the main and sideboard, takes a while. As a commander player, I have to add roughly 64 individual cards not counting lands. Perhaps the devs could think about adding a feature that allows you to swipe up while viewing an individual card to add it to a deck? Otherwise, it's amazing and pretty easy to use while being free. Surprisingly

App is great. I use it for all my deck building as it saves time digging through actual cards to plan out a list. My only issue is that currently Jace the mind sculptor is missing from the database. Worth it!

Took one star away when I bought the pro version and noticed that I can search on the "main page" but why is there a search option on top of the card I just searched when it's not working even with the pro edition? You need to fix this small detail imo because it just makes searching more complicated to have to go back and erase old search for a new one. 5 star

Will you be adding Judge Foil and promo versions? I cant put my exact inventory on the app. Perfect!

Love the app, brought the pro version and all my new cards go though this app before I add to my collection. I have built my decks from it and the play test is awesome. One improvement I would like to see is in the deck building. After I add the cards I have to the deck, It should show how many I have in my collection while I am building the deck. Great app overall wow lol

I don't see why most people don't use this app. A lot of people prefer Decked Builder, but honestly MTG Unofficial does more. I do wish you could change the card print AFTER you put it in a deck as well as before. It only annoys me because sometimes I'll put a Standard-legal card in a standard deck, but because it is an older printing of it, it won't allow it. It makes me have to take it back out and get the new printing to put in it. Not bad

solid 4, Add Sylvan Primordial to the list of cards i can add to a commader deck and i'll give 5 stars. Works great

A great app for anything magic related. The pro version is worth it to me just to support the developer of this great app. Must have

Love it. Works offline (card art requires online but that's fair), good search function, great game tools (life counter, rulebook, etc) My favourite mtg app so far Superb!

Easy to use for trading, timely updates for new sets, and allows you to save several decks before paying. 5 stars, easy! Pretty good

The app is great, the trade tool is probably the feature that sets this app apart from others. The last few sets have been added quickly. Works great

Love love LOVE this app. I use it always when it comes to mtg. There's only one improvement that I see that could be made. When lookimg for other card prints/ card price, it doesn't have an option for promos, which I'd like to get prices on. If this gets fixed, this app would be perfect! Enjoy it!

Great app! I'll definitely recommend this to everyone I know who plays MtG. RIX update pls Fantastic

I love the app. Just a suggestion in the collection. Please include foils category. Worth it!

This app works great for both deck building and deck testing. I only wish there was a Pauper format filter for the search engine! Enjoy it!

Best magic companion app ever. If you play you need this app. I settle ever rule argument, i know every card im gonna need for the perfected deck builds i want, ive pre price the decks and have ordered several via the app! BEST MTG COMPANION EVER! Surprisingly

I really enjoy using this app and find it very helpful. A feature I would like to see is the option to organize favorite tags alphabetically. That's my only complaint after using the pro version of this app for a few months. Enjoy it!

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