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The scary faces are excellent. The clown face fooled my friend into thinking I'd gotten into the makeup for Halloween. The burnt/zombie face had my wife unfollowing the post because the image of me was disconcerting. Pity it hasn't been updated in over a year. love it

This is nothing new, seeing that other people have the same complaint, but it really does suck that Android users don't get as many masks as iOS. Why is that? Why dont we deserve the same amount of masks? It entertains my 4 year old niece, and it can be a little entertaining, which is why I didn't rate it a 1 star. Amazing!

Well great. Why do u guys hate so much. You may think I'm insane but nu uh this game is epic. Cm on the creators spent long enough making this and you can't expect updates because they are probably busy making more improved games. But I'm not complaining. I'm 9 guys seriously. If you don't like this get Snapchat they update new faces every day. But you have to give personal information and on this you don't so really it's 50/50. Cool

This app was so much fun when it had the gorillas. But they got replaced with the stupid which thing right after the gorilla got shot when the baby fell in the pen. Put the Gorillaz back on and I will download this app again I checked periodically every few months the Mars thing is okay but the gorillas were awesome they were perfect. With the gorillas I give the app at 10 without my primate Brothers I give it a 3 Omg

Has not been updated on Android with new content for months now. Very disappointed by the lack of updates. Why has the iPhone version got so much more content!? Unfair! Superb!

Superb accuracy of effects Effects are superb and accurate but lack of variety. Please add snapchat like photo face swap feature. I'm waiting for such effect from facebook msqrd Muito bom!

The app itself is really good. My only problem would be the face swap. There is blue highlights covered all over both of the faces. The previous msqrd is better at the Face Swap. Well done!!

Unfair That's true why android people doesn't have the same that apple. Any way a great app funny and astonishing Recommend

It deserve more than 3 stars but When I started recording video the app stopped immediately.. I had reported the bug ...I hope u will fix this bug ..thx Muito bom!

Luv this app It's really fun and I like it a lot but iPhones have way much more different faces and not android they need to fix that and put all the same faces for both I don't have iPhone so I don't have none of the good faces iPhones have. That's not fare to the ppl that don't like or have iPhones please fix. Worth it!

Cool filters... easy to use. Funny face swap. I really like this app. I would recommend it. One problem I have is that there are never really new filters. Great!

WATCH THIS ON 2017 its a really good game plus show this with ur friend there sure to show other ppl rate this app like this app and love this app. It's is a really good app you guys haven't updated forever Marvelous

Nice I liked it very much all effects are awesome marvellous I loved it very much best photo app I have seen i think they may update the app for still some more filters. Very nice Perfect

You can't be bored with this app I loved this app very much and I want to give this 5 ratings but ! No because there is limited filters only came on! we need the filters of ironman , harry potter , and many others but still the filters are available only on Apple devices so what about the Android users (the team of Facebook please do something ) and for that day I'm waiting! Perfect

One thing to improve You need to update the one on samsung cause all of my friends have way more than me.Except that it is a very good game.So please get this updated Recommend

Suggestion Great app. Totally funny and adictive. My kids n I love it. It would be great if every filter could detect multiple faces n the kids would love to be able for it to track n change our dog n cats faces. That would be hilarious . Brilliant

I think its got some really good faces but you definitely need to scale them out to say 200 or so. The premium version will thank you for it. So much potential seriously! love it

Fun app Hi guys. Do you think we could have all the rest of the filters that the iOS users have, please? It doesn't seem fair that us android users only get half of them Great job

This is such a promising application and the graphics are superb however, the developer should consider that this application has adroid audience and it does need some updating when it comes to filters and masks. However, this has more feature on iOS Compared to the Android OS counter part. Amazing!

Was good but now stagnant. Seems this app is all but forgotten on Android. There is more functionality for this on the iPhone. Guess the creators are apple fan boys. No point keeping this on my phone using up space. It's boring AF now. Just wow

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