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Simple and easy to use and follow, the app makes it quick to see when I need to add more to my account Perfect!

Please add a combined balance, if you have more than one child. Or give parents the option to move funds from multiple accounts as needed. What happens to excess funds after the school year is over? Great!

It's fine to know how much the meals cost, but I want to know what my son ate. This app does not tell you what your kids are eating. Good

Since the update on January 15.. the app has not kept track of child's spending? 5 star

I Like the convenience of adding funds and being able to see the meals my kids select but I don't like not being able to set limits or restrictions on the account. My child is spending $5 or more a day on cookies and chips and I want to set a daily price limit on the app but can't wow lol

It doesn't always work. You need information you may not have. ☆☆☆☆ why does the app need access to your camera? Your media files? ☆☆☆☆ Recommend

Love the idea, but the app keeps crashing. There needs to be clearer instructions. I didn't under that I was supposed to select one of the little rectangles beneath my child's name to choose an amount. It's not clear that you need to touch the payment method in order to scroll for other options. Muito bom!

I like that I don't have to send money in with my child but it is really difficult to add money to the account the buttons don't work easily. Very frustrating not to be able to but what I want to add. Perfect

Ok. Should make it so you can transfer funds from one kid to another. I have 2 daughters. One has money in an account she'll never use. Can't get it . Brilliant

From what I can tell there is no way to switch districts using the app. I have one kid in one district, and one another. I figured it out on the PC version, but how do you do it on the app? Marvelous

I like the ease of use and the simplicity however, I wish I can manually enter the amount of money that I want to deposit to my child's account. It will give me more control of what is being deposited. Perfect

Does this app try to download your pictures from your phone? How to verify it does not?? Surprisingly

I have a problem. When i use phone app there are no values in the amount squares. I knoe 2nd one is 30. I wanted to send a screenshot but cant figure how Flawless

All of you users complaining about the fees charged, need to speak to the county school representatives in your area. They used to charge in my kids county but a lot of people refused to use the app and complained enough, that the county and the app developers made a decision to not charge the parents the fees. wow lol

Facil de usar y es la mejor manera de no olvidar hacer pagos de la comida de tu hijo Well done!!

*Updated rating* Recent updates to the app allow me to see both school districts at once and manage the two accounts from one screen. I love it! I've changed my rating to 5 stars! *Old review* Can't change district. I love the app and the fact that I can set it up to add funds automatically when the balance falls below a certain amount. My only issue is that I have kids in two different school districts and the app will only allow me to see one of them so I have to do everything for the other child's account online. If the app allowed me to switch districts like the website does I'd happily rate it 5 stars. Perfect

Love the convenience of this App. No worries with sending cash to school and kids losing money. Surprisingly

The app is great for lunch fees, but the app does not allow payment of other fees. I have to log into the web page (with the same username/password) to access the additional options. This makes the app useless if I need to use the web page too. Pretty good

I love how I can monitor her account, but I do not like the additional charge. If I only have ten dollars left I can only give her 8. Her school won't accept cash, and they complain over checks. Love this app it is aweomse. Omg

I never had any issues with the app. I performed the update and the app seems to work fine. I did note that when you select "Other" as the amount to add you type the amount into that box and it will appear below as the dollar amount you're adding. I will update if I find any issues. love it

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