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It doesn't filter out all numbers. I have it set to block a certain area code and i still receive calls from this area code. Pretty good at blocking spam/telemarketing and private calls but that's about it. Works great

This app use to stop blocked numbers getting through, it's now stopped doing that and my phone carries on ringing. I only find out they are a spam called when I go into mr number to set up a block and find it already is blocked!! Great!

Love this app. I signed up for a " free giveaway " ( yeah yeah i know total stupidity ) and within 30 mins was totally bombarded with spam, solicitor, scams and sales calls. It got so bad I was getting upwards of 100 calls a day. I added my number to the do not call registry but that takes time. Within 2 days of adding Mr. Number I'm down to 10 or 12 calls a day. Just keep adding them to my block list and I'll hopefully have my phone back in no time. Thanks Mr. Number. Great app. Highly Recommend.

Thank you guys, since downloading this application the daily spam of 60 phone calls a day has disappear. That being said you guys deserve good ratings you should implement a rate us button in the menu. Flawless

Of limited use when it allows spammers to leave voice mail. Needs to be updated for more recent Android versions. Surprisingly

It interferes with your calls. Why do does need to come up on the screen? Numbers are blocked and still coming up on the screen. Why do we need a notified and you always have to report the same numbers you want to block. Please improve the app. Go well

I love this app. I have a phone number that used to belong to a business that closed 8 years ago. I get so many spam and solicitor calls. It's great to know who is calling and if it is a scam. I always use the blocked number feature. Worth it!

Is no longer blocking calls even when app says number is on block list. Not sure what changed, but if that is fixed, the rating will go up. Just wow

Update2018-02: Flags call as junk, says it blicked the call, but it DID NOT BLOCK THE CALL. This has been happening a LOT lately, and most times WiFi was available. I was a day away from cancelling my cell phone. This app is great. Brilliant

Great for all and easy for seniors. I'm adding to my review to say THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL PROGRAM, THERE IS NO BETTER PROGRAM THEN YOURS. It has been a couple years now and Mr. Number only gets BETTER! Worth a go!

**update** it's back! I used the old old version for years and was a paid subscriber. now, it appears to be free. but it has the 'begins with' filter which is great. add a couple more features and I'd gladly buy the app. end update. --old review--it's lost all of its cool features. doesn't even stop the call ringing. I can just assign an IGNORE group a Silent ring tone. Pretty good

I used to highly recommend this app but lately it has started to allow calls IT has flagged as spam and labeled blocked go through. What is the point of having this if it's not ACTUALLY filtering known spam? Worth a go!

Unfortunately I can't have it automatically hang up on spam calls anymore. A recent update must have removed it. Now they can leave voice mails, even if they're on my block list. Superb!

This app use to be my go to app for blocking numbers but lately even if the number is block they still get though. What happened? Recommend

I'm giving this 5 stars because since installing this app it's the first time I've had peace and quiet. This is a sanity saver because I can block area codes. My AT&T call blocker doesn't block area codes so every time I blocked a spam call they would just roll over to a different #, same AC. I've had NO CALLS all night from the scammers! Thank you so much! Cool

There has been improvements since few months ago, I'm giving it 4 stars now. A nice feature would be to be able to save the block number list so when we change phones, we wouldn't need to add again all our precious list of unwanted callers. Any vision for that in the future? If answer /hang up comes back I would pay no problem for the app and I'm sure I'm not the only one wanting that feature back and paying for it. It would be an investment to have peace of mind. love it

This is the best app out there for preventing unwanted calls. I get up to 5 spam calls a day sometimes. I had at&t call protect, which worked well for alerting you if the app THOUGHT a number was spam. This app does all that and more, with customizable settings to run the app to your liking. Definitely worth downloading if you have issues with fraud calls! Flawless

I would give it a 5 star rating. The only gripe I have is that even though they block the number they allow the caller to record a voicemail. Otherwise app works great. Good

Good app, but recently switched phones and transferred all items to new phone. Didn't transfer my blocked calls list, so now I'm having to block telemarketers all over again. Well done!!

Working well for the most part. Still get a spam call or two each day, this is usually because the community has not weeded them out yet. As of late I have been getting more than usual spam coming through though. Maybe the scammers bought some new numbers Muito bom!

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