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Has even the most unpopular songs and is easy to use. Takes a moment to download. Other than that idk why this is rated so poorly. Those of you who say the app doesnt have music, thats on you. As i said before i found very unpopular songs and downloaded them. 5/5 Well done!!

Love this app. Does the job if you can't find it well I couldn't too but I saw a review for this app and it said go to your download file (if you can) and if you find the music you downloaded then move it to your music file then the music is going to show up in your music library Muito bom!

Ianaged to get fifteen songs and then it would not give me results for anything I searched even songs and artists I had searched before. It also sometimes would only download part of a song but it would show up as if it is the full song. This app worked great at first I am really diapointed. Enjoy it!

It has most of the music I want,But the problem is that it pops up whenever and shows you ads.Like lets say you are watching a video on Youtube or googling something.The app will close out whatever you were doing to show you an ad. Its crazy.Also,it decided to delete a few of my songs.Edit: It used to work. No it wont download anything. Idk what happened. Amazing!

Right now i hate it. I downloaded the wrong thing and have no clue how to delete it. I went to downloads and my music. Then found the song i wanted (no complaints there) but its not in my freaking music app so even if i wanted to play it i wont find it!!! A library or something would be useful... Fantastic

Would love to have more music to find on this app. Maker of this app-please keep imputing more songs. Thank you Brilliant

When i download the song for google play. It takes a long time for it to work. Im hoping the song will instantly be in google play. I mostly use it to listen to my musics. But for some strange reason, when i download the song. Example:"Goodbye for now P.O.D" And waited. Its there but the problem is, its 2 minutes instead of 3 more minutes. Im hoping for the update for this app so it can download the song i want in thw exact time. wow lol

Ive been dying to find an app that actually works! Thank you for doing such a great Job in setting this one up. Id love to find Muse-knights of Cydonia though. No results were found. Please add country-pop-rock-jazz...ect! Thank you so much! :D :D Enjoy it!

I thought it was awesome for the 1st several months that I had, but it no longer downloads songs for me. Ive tried over and over again, but it will give the download arrow at the top of my phone to signal it is downloading only to disappear a split second later without ever downloading. That is why the low rating. It does not download now Surprisingly

The application is fine, ads are often disruptive but they are normally just pop ups... There is an issue with downloading or queuing many tracks which results in the current track being duplicated.. but has a good selection of MP3s at a good quality.. weird search bug to with cryptic lettering so please fix .. 5 star

I found out why when you search for the song it isn't there. Well at least for my phone. I have the Samsung galaxy s8 plus and when I download it I have to go to my files and move it from 'downloads' to 'music' or whatever folder you keep the rest of your music. Hope that helped. It's really a good app and gets the job done. No complaints here. Must have

Alright app. It has some of the songs I wanted, even though they were by a lesser known artist. However after I had downloaded 3 or 4 songs it stopped downloading them. I have tried several times even uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it still didn't work. However the first songs I did manage to download has made it worth it!!! Worth a go!

It's actually not that bad, it's not downloading and when it plays it cuts off. If those two major things were tweaked, this would hands down be my favorite music downloader. I may uninstall it now but I'll be back. Great job

Good app people are just dumb with something to complain about ..except sometimes downloads same song over unless you retype in the name but other than that good downloaded all the songs I'm looking for Perfect!

I can REALLY download songs to my smartphone! Would recommend this app to a friend! No lie here! Unlike Spotify and iHeartRadio, though. IHeart is greedy and Spotify says it will download but never does. love it

I gave 5 stars for the simple fact that you are THE ONLY APP that ive been able to find with the 2006 Madd Maxxx Sick Hop single been looking for 4 years and ive finally found it. Thanks guys great resources finding that Enjoy it!

Finally a music download app that works!! Dun understand the bad reviews... sure, there are plenty of ads but look, the app is free. I can find all the latest songs so the ad pop ups are a minor inconvenience. Flawless

Downloads the song you want but takes a while to get into my music app for some reason. Don't really mind that though because it still downloads the song I want (Samsung s4) Great!

I loved that I could find songs easily and that the sound quality was good, but I didn't like how slow the downloading took. Sorry :3 wow lol

I freaking love it's simplicity. All those hate comments are there own faults but there's nothing wrong with the app. It's easy to use and has a vast library love it

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