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I love this app so amazing, does anyone know if this is available for the UK? If not it should be everyone I know in england could use something like this Perfect!

The best ringtone toolkit iv found so far. But In the menu I suggest instead of the "Rate us" button, the dev here should have made a list "ringtone tracks" only button and a list "alarm tracks" only button. Also please proritize newly added songs at the top of the list like they do in other ringtone making apps. Perfect!

Bug: Any mp3 file cut by this app, when played using an audio player, shows huge length of duration like 523 hours or something! But it was fine with a previous version of ringpod app. Good

I honestly would like to have instructions on accessing my saved music and make some ringtones from them. Great job

Please add a loop function when editing, to hear how a selected section will sound if the full ringtone plays Amazing!

Almost perfect.. Nice app. But a little problem with the .aac file format. Sounds become noisy after creating ringtone from .aac file format. Please solve it. Thanks. Pretty good

Like this app, the only problem is It wont let me remove songs i want to take off. Many duplicates that it wont let me remove. However it will let you set songs for ringtons, contacts, notifications. If someone could let me know how to remove some songs I would be grateful. Well done!!

Great app! Very useful and simple to use I've had this app is on every single android phone that I've owned and it's ALWAYS been extremely useful and simple to use. Thank you to the person or person's that created such a great app!! Must have

I wish I can ask you how's is your day we may be different but also the same and together will see the light Brilliant

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