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Fantastic ! It's really free ! And the ads aren't to bad, not any worse than regular local TV. except the movies are not cut or edited up ! so you get to see the real movie and not the Christian bury your head in the sand version. great selection of movies as well. It's really good ! Fabulous!



Great Movie App I'm impressed! High quality hd/bluray movies. Huge selection of new and old movies. I highly recommend this app. 4 stars because The hateful 8 dosn't play. Works great

Enjoy it!

Must rate 5 stars b4 watching This app requires a 5 star rating before watching content. Quality is just ok and a lot of glitches. Content is pretty good though. Cool


It's like you put a plate at front of me and you ask me how is the taste before I even touch it . the one who setting the app to go like this way is an idiot. I don't even need your app and I withdraw the 5 stars you directed me for it Not bad

Must be crappy This app must suck because I just installed it and it won't even let me watch anything without forcibly making me rate it 5 stars. I don't think I'm keeping it Highly Recommend.

Go well

Good movies. But my friend was asking me to watch 50 shades of grey on my phone and i remember seeing it but im guessing they took it off plz put it back on Flawless

Let's see This app says I must rate 5 stars to play movie so I just did. But will come back and give true rating after I check it.... Good


Rated 5 because that's the only way to watch a movie Really doesn't mean I loved. I feel forced to rate 5 due to my wanting to watch a movie. Maybe if my CHOICE wasn't forced,I would like the app Fabulous!

Makes you rate 5* to watch a movie. But.... The movies work, pretty decent in 720p. Does what it says on the tin. The one thing missing is the Cast option, for that reason alone I'll stick to *another* app that has movies AND lets you cast to your TV. But as an app that's on playstore I can't really fault this. Plenty of choice, loads of genres to choose. I'll keep it for when my usual app is on the blink which it sometimes is. Cool

Probably a bullshit app It hi Jacks a five star to play 1st movie it's a good sgin of fuckery.. If I finds this not to be so I will change my review at that time love it

Nice app Bt it still.don't show few lateat moviess..wished to watch 'the fantastic beast' bt its not available here in dis app Muito bom!

Great app! Rate it 5 stars and it will work. Finally a working app for NEW Movies! Thank the good Lord! Great movie app for poor people. Lol Marvelous

None I was bribed to give 5 stars to watch.. Ok, I watched a few movies and everything was going perfect, but now it doesn't have audio on anything.. Works perfectly

Best movie app This app play's with out pop up just straight move time lol love this movie app real talk. Perfect

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