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I came across this more then 5 years ago and it's never failed me! I've tried other ones but seem to always end up coming back to this one lol it's so easy and I've never had any issues, freezing, app down, errors.... Nothing! It's easy easy easy! Brilliant

Slight glitches where it doesn't load the tickets & showtimes here and there, but I honestly can't complain. I just reopen the app then it's fine. Enjoy it!

Really got to fix the bugs!! Can't search any theatre. Very disappointed as this is my go to app for movies. Will and could be a better review if that gets fixed. Well done!!

Was telling me time was wrong. Since latest update, no time error, but now it says it can't communicate with flixter servers. I'm on a 1 month old HTC One M-9. Have uninstalled and reinstalled a few times. Un-updated app still works on my 3 year old HTC Evo 4g lte. Update: factory reset of phone fixed the problem. Flixter works great now and I love it! Thx! Good

The movies are not updated In THEATERS, DVD, & upcoming for future ones that are not totally confirm, but was shown on entertainment news. Plus some movies don't show duration time of how long the movie last. Too many bugs, needs to have it fixed Fabulous!

I mainly use this app to see what movies are out and upcoming releases. It's not so great linking up to local theatres. Which is why it got 4 out of 5 Great!

The app is so frustrating I have been using it for years, it is the best to list films on. Unfortunately it's the little bugs on the mobile app. Through all the different mobiles I have used it's always the same, a lot of the time the pages do not load at all. Now my ratings are all of a sudden not appearing on my Facebook page either. Highly Recommend.

Brilliant app when it first came out. Been slightly ruined now with the introduction of irritating adverts that keep poping up every time you select an option... Recommend

It' awesome. Find out what movies are playing at theaters near you, what times they will be shown at, rotten tomato plus user ratings on each movie, and even buy tickets. 5 star

Been using it for quite sometime and I can't think of anything bad about it. When something does stop working with the app it is fix soon. Fantastic

A few updates and I'm back to liking this app. The bugs that prevented clips from loading have been fixed, it is saving my preferences again, over all very happy with this. Awesome

I have been using this application for years. It is an invaluable resource for easily accessing local movie theaters and show times, review sites, movie trailers and MUCH more that the theaters tend to make so difficult (have you ever tried to call a movie theater?). Thank you Flixter, you are the ultimate source for my movie selection on the big screen. Worth it!

The interface is a tad confusing at times, and it doesn't always show the proper showtimes, but it is useful to see what films get released. Good app. Great job

Easy to use and a nice and easy way of following the movies you haven't seen! A little issue, it doesn't show movies marked as seen once you exit the app Go well

Ive used this app for years and loved it. But, i got the Samsung S7edge and its crashed everytime ive opened it since i got my new phone. Go well

Used to be good. It is not accurate anymore. Local AMC has movies listed that aren't showing in app. If fixed it would be full rating of 5 Well done!!

I have used this app for years. Never disappoints. Love that it has critic and user ratings. I can read or view trailer and search multiple days and theaters. Great!

Love this app! Easy to use and helps me look through movies without wandering around video store Works perfectly

It helps me find good movies, either theater or store dvds review before buying. I found I dont like movies highly rated though, I guess my taste is different. Polarizing movies are generally love or hate. Crashes sometimes! Perfect

Most show times are up to date. I like the reviews available. Trailers via the app are always problematic for me. Besides that, it's my go-to app for showings and new released schedule. Awesome

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