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I'm mostly impressive with how the app works. What I wasn't impressed with is while reading fan reviews on an animated film, one "fan" wrote a pretty vulgar comment that was not a movie review at all. I could not find any feature for reporting this filthy comment...and, on a children's film. I am hoping such a feature will be added and comments like that will be deleted as well as users who do that, banned, especially anyone, of any age is exposed to such comments. Thank you. Marvelous

I'll change my score back to 5 stars after this app gets updated. Every actor and director filmography I go through all the film titles come up as "Null" with no poster attached to it. Going back to IMDB in the mean time. Marvelous

This was a great app until about a month or two ago. Now the trailers won't work at all. It keeps saying "An error occurred while playing this video". My rating for this app went from a 5 to a 3. Please fix this issue so that everyone can enjoy watching previews of upcoming movies and so that I can increase my rating. Worth it!

The good the bad the ugly, they are all here. Top notch until it stopped playing trailers ('error'). Please fix... Works great

Would be cool if movies labelled as "Not Interested In" would just not appear on the Box Office list but could still be searched for. Highly Recommend.

This app used to have issues with the location but it seems the developers listened and patched the issue. It now functions as it should (fingers crossed) and is great! 5 star

It's a good app I found movies I didn't know was out that I would possibly like to watch, you can rate movies you've seen and also add movies to your want to see list so you can keep track of movies you want to see later it's a good app Well done!!

Great app for listings, but all the trailer links are broken. An error has occurred while trying to play the trailer. wow lol

Was good until last night with the time problem, even if my time setting was right. Can't sign into Facebook login account for it now. Very frustrating and annoying. I can't update ratings, see movie schedules and watch trailers. Worth a go!

Please read: If you're having trouble with the app (due its time correct problem) uninstall and reinstall the app and it should work. It did for me. Brilliant

Not sure what happened. AP closes as soon as I open it. Google pixel XL. Restarted phone. Uninstalled completely, reinstalled. Seems to be working for now. Awesome

Flixster broke. All I get is an incorrect time error. It used to be my favorite app. Sad Not bad

After its latest update, it keeps complaining about the device time being incorrect. Cannot be used anymore. Hope they release a fix soon Enjoy it!

It's a good app. But ever since the new update it hasn't been working very well. Flawless

Worked great before the most recent update. All trailers fail to load and an error message is given. App still works to find theaters based on location, though it can be buggy when finding the closest theaters. Surprisingly

Generally love Flixster, but I've recently encountered an issue that will force me to switch apps: every time I attempt to change mt location for movie times, Flixster shuts down. I've checked my settings, restarted my phone, uninstalled, all to no avail. Seeing what movies are being released is nice, but not useful if I can't figure out where to see them. Works perfectly

I'm a semi truck driver & I'm constantly in a different city every day. When I have any extra time to myself, I open up Flixter to see if there's any movie theaters close by! I love the GPS locator map! The show times & Rotten Tomatoes ratings & scores are really helpful too! Thanks Flixter & Rotten Tomatoes! Good

Its an app that you can see reviews and what not for upcoming movies. It works. I use it quite a bit. I really dont know what else to say. Um good job? Thumbs up? Get it if you watch movies? I dont know. Why are you even still reading this? Why am i still typing. I just realized my thumbs kind of look like long toes. Im just gonna go now. Goodbye. love it

Love this app! No better app! It lets me bookmark my favorite theatres and shows me closest ones to my current location. This has been my go to movie showtime app for years. I always recommend it to friends and family. love it

I used to love Flixster but it no longer lets me change the location in settings so I can check what movies are playing in another area. I travel and like to look for movies in towns I'm going to. The app crashes every time I try to change the location. Recommend

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