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This app could be improved. For instance, it's really difficult to find out how many critic reviews have been submitted. The film might have a 100% score, but if it's only 5 reviews for an upcoming Blockbuster, then that's really not reliable. (The website has that info right on top.) Also the app seems to forget about films coming out this upcoming weekend. On 6/13, I can find 6/9's The Mummy on the front Box Office page, and if I go to the Upcoming films page I can find 6/21's Transformers, but no where does it list 6/16's Cars 3. Seems a little broken. Paired with the constant full page ads, the app leaves much to be desired. Must have

(Keep up the good work...... Motor Droid) Have used his app for years. I now have a Note2. Had been working great, until a month or so ago. I can still watch trailers and see movie times but it will not let me purchase tickets. When I get to # of tickets, it won't select. Almost like the link to fandango is broken. Since this app is powered by fandango same issue with their app. Same issue using my tablet and using the web browsers on both the tablet and cell? Pretty good

Update: reason why I do have two different account, on both my phone and tablet it's with my Google account and on my laptop it's using my Hotmail account, that's why it is. Either I have rated a movie I've just seen in theaters either on my phone or tablet it don't keep track only when I do it on my laptop. That's so far my only big complaint, that I spent time typing in my review and it don't show up or register unless I do it on my laptop. Not bad

If you want to know what movies are playing in your area and need to know the start times too....get this?? This app will tell you, how cool is that?? Its revolutionary the best thing since sliced bread I say Worth it!

It's a great app but it can't be accessed through tor which makes it difficult to use on a filtered networks. A captcha or something like that would be nice so I could use the app without data Enjoy it!

Very use full and reliable app. Use it not only for theatre showtimes, but blu ray release dates, actor bios, and to keep track with weekend top box office rankings. This app will ALWAYS be on whatever phone I have! Cool

Love this app and all its features but it's incredibly inconsistent and often doesn't load pages, the My Ratings and Want To See lists being most problematic. Using GS5, and had been a problem for years now. Flawless

This app used to be great, and I never had a problem with it, until recently. When you go to look at the movies different actors are in, it says null on a bunch and doesn't show what they are, only shows a couple movies. Pretty good

Long time Flixster user. But app suddenly seems very buggy. If my phone's gps is on, it gives me show times for another state (or none at all), even if I manually enter the location I want. I have to turn off my gps and repeatedly put in a manual location until it shows me local theaters. Also it no longer shows new releases for this week. Just top box office of movies that have been out already. And sometimes selecting a show time to buy tickets gives an invalid reference error or something like that. It's still usable for me, but half the time I need to go to Google and search for movies there. If they fix all the bugs again it's a 4-5 star app. Awesome

So it's getting there to the point where using the app is good. the sharing portion of the app is still unreliable. Used to write and share but it stops going to whatever site you want it to and when you manually share something it gives just the general site. Disappointing...again, since this isn't the 4th or 5th time this is happened. Flawless

I like this app, I'm super into movies and helps me make quick decisions on what to go and see at the theaters and l can also read reviews on DVDs I'm curious on buying. Overall if your into movies, you'll love this app! Not bad

Fix the bugs. There's one that won't display any movies from an actor except what you guys list of what was good on rotten so I see 5 titles and can't show someone another film by the actor or actress Fantastic

This is a good app. I like that it shows all movies currebtly inteaters and i also like the ratings. It is very helpful. It also has movie synopsis and a bio for the stars of movies. You can even buy tickets on this app thru fandango! This app is great for any movie fan. Highly recommend. wow lol

Used to be great, now they broke it. Looking for a particular actors filmography, and their entire history comes up as 'null' and will only list around 3 movies from their entire career. Shame, as this app was brilliant. Back to imdb it is. Works great

Was a great app up until they removed the new releases feature. It makes me wonder if it was removed as a paid request from some people in Hollywood. Since we could read reviews before the movies came out it might have affected their box office performance. It wouldn't surprise me if that were truly the reason. Surprisingly

I'm a big fan of this app, it doesn't try to be too much other than a great resource for movie fans. I do wish the "Find Showtimes" option was more prominent on the movie pages. Worth a go!

I am very frustrated after this last update. I love to look through the New releases every week, but unfortunately this function seems to be taken away. Not I only have the option of Top Box Office and Upcoming. Before, I was able to click "more..." under Opening this week, which would show lesser known films (foreign, docus, indies, etc). Now all I can look at is BS Top Box Office stuff I already know about. As someone who goes to theaters to mostly watch indie films this is so frustrating!!!! Works perfectly

A true must-have for movie-goers! All the movie information you want and need. Would love to be able to sort my "Want to see" list by release date. Muito bom!

Will not Dave my location forcing a manual update every load or for my gps to be on. Doesn't list every movie at aleach theater. Most previews won't load. Sorting and searching for specific times or theaters is horrible. Perfect!

Roses are red, violets are blue, flixster wouldn't stop pestering me, until I wrote this review. Also it's annoying that the app won't save my preference for theatre location anymore. I need to input everytime I want to see my theater times, used to be saved from the last time I used it. Other than that, great app. Surprisingly

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