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The app no longer remembers my set location. Developers want to use location service, but for security reasons, I keep location service disabled. Every time I open app, have to set my zip code to see nearby theaters. Also, half time selecting a movie time to see price you get prompted again to select a time. Takes about 4 clicks just to see price. Sometimes app will not load data for some theaters. Other than these issues, app seems pretty decent. Well done!!

I depend on its real users' reviews for going to the movies. Yes, I have my own brain. But info & advice from others helps me save time n money. See you at the movies! Awesome

Great app because it incorporates Rotten Tomato reviews, which is my main source for reliable movie and TV shows. It would be nice if IMDb ratings were featured as well. Amazing!

This app used to be awesome . But now it seems to have fallen off the cliff. Why is it when I click on a director or actor, it doesn't pull up their past movies? Instead it just says "null." Why did they take away the options to see what movies your friends where watching? Why is it when I try and watch a trailer it freezes every time? This app used to be amazing, but is only useful now for rating movies. Well done!!

Perfect app for moviegoers. One stop shop for reviews, trailers, show times, ticket purchases. Thank you for fixing the new releases bug! Not bad

The app won't store the location I set and I can't find the movies opening this week. Only the top box office and the movies that are upcoming. Both of these problems seemed to arise after the last update. Must have

The app has suddenly stopped showing what the next week's showings are. It has the upcoming and current box office numbers, but it doesn't tell me what's coming out in the next week anymore. This needs to be fixed. Amazing!

Best movie app! Only one I use to see what is playing and release dates for movies and DVDs. It is also great to be paired with Rotten Tomatoes...perfect pairing! Enjoy it!

Hasn't posted any of my ratings to Facebook in about a month now. It's also deleted all of the 900 odd previous ratings I've posted. Shame I can't migrate them to IMDB Muito bom!

They've fixed the new this week problem and I'm very pleased. This app is great, it has reviews that are east to find and it gives me movie times super easily. I love all of the other features just as much. Perfect!

I love this app it is easy to use everything I want to know about a movie is right here at my fingertips. Love the reviews great for me to pick out what movie to watch. Also love the fact that I can reserve my seats thanks for a great app. Brilliant

I am tired of having to set my location every time I use the app. It remembers my Facebook and Netflix info but can't remember which theaters I go to. I don't keep my GPS on for privacy reasons. Not bad

would be 5 stars if the ads were less intrusive. There's nothing I love more than tapping a movie for show times then having an ad come swooping in at the perfect time to force me to press it instead of the movie. Enjoy it!

I don't use Flixster a lot but I've never had a problem with it and it is nice to compare multiple showtime at two or more theaters so I can work a movie, im interrsted in seeing, into my life. The ability to watch the trailer is nice too Go well

Every since the last update the new this week tab is gone which makes it difficult to have to search up the name of the movie so I can see the reviews, other then that definitely 5 stars. Love the features, want to see percentage, reviews, my watchlist, box office tab. It's great but please fix the new this week tab, it's completely dissappeared. Surprisingly

Used to be a great app but now it won't remember my zip code and I now have to either turn my location on or constantly manually enter my location every time I want to view show times. There also used to be a feature in the box office section that let me see movies coming out this week, now there's nothing. Going to find another app. Worth it!

Ok, this app is really nice, WHEN IT WORKS. However, it seems like almost every time I'm ready to go watch a movie, it decides it can't find any theaters, so I can't check showtimes. Then when I try to go to the theater website, it just directs me to Flixster. Very annoying Not bad

they never post the box office total in the movies info page. I have to go into a pc browser.. yep a pc browser. cuz mobile browsers still dont let u see box office total. even if u request the "desktop site". easy update. do it guys Fabulous!

Fantastic source of movie info, ratings and reviews, even links to other apps such as Netflix. However, I'm often given the option to add a movie to my Netflix queue even when it isn't available. Also, I can't seem to get more than ten seconds into a trailer without being forced to sit through constant buffering, even at standard definition using Wi-Fi. Highly Recommend.

Never bad an issue until today. I logged into my Flixter app & is said an error as occurred & all 86 movies in my collection were gone before my very eyes. I sent them feedback & they had solved my problem in under 24 hours. My collection is back & everything running smoothly. At least they are on top of things ASAP instead of waiting a week for an auto response. They helped me out big time. Keeps getting better. But it gets a little tiresome when you constantly ask for me to keep rating this app. I have over 130 titles in my collection & it keeps growing. Perfect!

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