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Thanks for the new update & the recent glitch repair! Now, you're back up to 5 stars where you belong! I'm a semi truck driver & I'm constantly in a different city every day. When I have any extra time to myself, I open up Flixter to see if there's any movie theaters close by! I love the GPS locator map! The show times & Rotten Tomatoes ratings & scores are really helpful too! Thanks Flixter & Rotten Tomatoes! Not bad

Did you remove the ability to see recently released on dvd? Other then that update is great. Chrome cast support for trailers is the only other missing feature for me. Worth a go!

This latest update has removed the ability to see how well a movie is doing at the box office. I don't really use that for anything, but I do like seeing it there when I open the app, now that it's gone it makes the app seem incomplete to me. Fantastic

Hate you for this update. You were the only app remaining who worked in landscape and you bleeping ruined it. Every other movie app had to go to icons that you can't read. You were the lone app that still used text. You had to follow everyone off the cliff. and r Just wow

I loved it before the new update. Now that it has updated I don't like it anymore. Good

Works on and off....letting you down when you need it the most....for instance right now not working... although set right the location not able to find theaters or any movie time for any of the newest movies that just came out... wow lol

Layout is newer but not better. I had to log back into my account which was no problem, except for the fact that it lost almost all of my ratings and more importantly my Want To See. I had hundreds of movies in that list, and now there are less than 30. I often used this to find a movie to watch whether in theater or at home. New layout looks fancy but is not as intuitive. Disappointing update. love it

From 5 star to one. Has steadily introduced problems over the year but now it only shows some of the movies showing in my local theaters. Justice League doesn't show up in any theater's list but shows if you search by the movie title. Sorry, the app is useless now. I'll find something else. Surprisingly

Usually great app I rely on for movie times and info but it hasn't been showing the correct breakdown of screening types lately (digital, 3D, IMAX) it will just lump them together. My favorite theater requires seat selection for IMAX so I prefer to buy in advance to get a better seat. Relying on flixster for that heads up about IMAX isn't possible anymore. I have to use the AMC app instead. Enjoy it!

As an infrequent theater-goer who enjoys quality films nonetheless, primarily after first runs, I rely on Flixster as my movie "consumer reports". I have found their ratings reliable to my tastes. It has performed well over many years, three different Android phones, no memorable issues. Easy to use with very helpful features. wow lol

Whenever I go on a person's profile it shows their highest rated films, as it should, but then when I scroll through their filmography it appears to be faulted. The only films thaI'mshow are the highest rated ones, everything else is labelled as "null" and is greyed out. Why is this? I'm willing to provide a screenshot if necessary in order to help. Please fix this. 5 star

Great to be able to find movies when are where you can see them when you have a slice of timr, or when you are planning ahead!! We only have a 4 plex in town, so we have to look often at theaters 35 min north, or 65 min soutg.each of those cities has at least a 10 plex, plus a bargain theater plus others. It's also nice to see previews if you aren't familiar with. Soooo glad to have it!! Awesome

It's the best way to pull up all movie theatres around you! Very quick reference! It's great for traveling, also because you can immediately find your surrounding theatres. I also enjoy being able to look forward to what movies are playing in the next few days. That way we know when a new movie is coming out or one is not going to be showing any longer so we can get to it! Muito bom!

I have this app on my phone and it's great, have 13 movies I've used from ultraviolet and put to the app which is connected to my tablet too. But this evening I've noticed the app gone strange so I've uninstalled to reinstalled it and put my email and password in on my tablet and bam no history of my 13 movies on the flixster account on my tablet but my phone still has them. So what's gone on flixster peeps I want to watch movies on my Great!

Was rated a 5,but dropped it down to 3. This is because whenever I click on an actor or director it no longer gives me a compete filmography for them, just says null for almost all their past work. Also the ability to watch trailers is gone. Keeps telling me there is an error. I was a big fan of his app, but it has gone way down hill. Not bad

I love this app. Its the first app i just had to have since i got my new smartphone as i was months without it, since ive grown to appreciate it more as i was going through flixter withdrawals lol. But i always use this app to view critics reviews and most importantly share my reviews as i always write a review for a film immediately after seeing the movie. I look forward to reviewing films in the future and every week i get super excited to see which films are certified fresh or just viewing scores in general. Thanks for being my number one go to app for movie reviews and my number one outlet for sharing my reviews. I always feel like my voice is heard and my review counts!!!! Marvelous

The application is okay visually but forces me to re-enter my ZIP code every time I start the app unless I agree to let them know where my phone physically is by turning on location services which is both intrusive and drains the battery. The application used to allow you to store a zip code that it would use each time you started the app. but they eliminated that in favor of forcing you to the enable location services. Fandango works better. Pretty good

Great "one-stop" movie app. Has ratings from critics and consumers (rotten tomatoes), what movies are out in theaters and DVD, theater listings based on what your location is or where you place the zip code, and a quick reference of movie info, i.e. actors, summary of movie, links to other movies related to the movie, directors, or actors. More info from IMDB, but I use this app more often. love it

This used to be so much better. It doesn't link to facebook properly anymore and there is no way to view every movie you have reviewed... you can only see the more recent ones Enjoy it!

Inaccuracy of showings... Says that the theater I go to regularly is showing 4 movies that night, when I get to the theater they are showing 7 movies. This has happened many times. Also I don't want to use GPS everytime, when I open the app I have the option to enter my zip code, but I have to re enter it everytime instead of it saving it. Worth it!

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