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I used this for years and gave it 5 stars. But the latest update took away many useful features. This app is now worthless Perfect

Enlarged ads are now irritating. Did they think making them bigger was somehow enhancing the app? Movie times can be found online, you may want to remember. Great!

This app has went way down hill. Movies coming to disc are barely updated, which was one of the main reasons to use this app. Probably uninstalling since this new format sucks and it's database is worse than it was before Brilliant

Still can't login to the app and it gives me an error. Also, all showtimes for theaters are still not visible, and the removal of seeing box office numbers is a bummer. Omg

New layout is terrible. Seems advertising triumphs over usability. Our local independent theater won't show up on the local list consistently. Seems like quid quo pro - they didn't "sponsor" their listing maybe. Superb!

Loved the app until this latest update. 500 of my reviews have mysteriously disappeared since the last update. All that time spent rating movies gone to waste. Other than that, it's an okay app. Some movies are missing. Great job

Yep, now more difficult and inefficient to use but still gets the job done after some trouble. Marvelous

Really like the new layout, but unable to log onto my account. I previously used the Google + sign in shortcut, but this feature is not visible in the new app. Great!

Great when it first came out one of my favorite apps because I always go to the theater but with all the new updates it crashes all the time and it don't even show the new movies that are out anymore it continually gets worse and more complicated they need to go back to the original way the had the app 3 years ago if it somehow gets worse which I don't doubt I'll be looking for a new app Omg

Used to be great, but now I can't log in with google since the latest update. Was great while it lasted I guess... Flawless

Excellent app, save for some glitches that ought to be fixed. There are some movies that I can't find on the app. Some specific examples include: 300 (which I think is because the search bar doesn't recognize numbers), Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (although I can find it's sequel), and Beowulf, which I can find, but it has the wrong review scores. Furthermore, actor and director filmographies are hardly comprehensive, never seeming to display more than ten select film. Otherwise, I do like this movie app a lot better than any of the other movie apps I've tried. Worth a go!

I like this app, but I have to point out a strange problem that I wonder if anybody else has. On ALL my devices, the large artwork of whatever's the number one box office film NEVER shows up; it's just blank. It's this way on my computers, tablet, phone, everything. Obviously this isn't a big deal, it's just a weird quirk that amuses me. Why is this image never there? Pretty good

Worst update ever!!! I use this app for years, rated movies that I watched, marked movies I want to watch. Had this app linked to my Google account and now I cannot log back in. Lost hundreds and hundreds the movies that I had rated or wanted to see. Format is very confusing and difficult to use. If changes are not made I will find a new app to use. Worth it!

Great app. Best one out there. However, before the update, it use to let you see a list of dvd's being you have to type a movie in to get any info on it. Took away 1 star for that. How can you type in a movie title if you don't know what is coming out? Go well

The latest update did not do wonders for the app. The list of actors involved in a film no longer displays their character/role in the movie which is frustrating. It also took away the rating reasons (i.e. PG-13 for XYZ), now we just get the rating. No reason to remove basic information, it would still fit in the new style. Would love another update to put this app back into its former glory. There is promise in this update/design change (and it was a long time coming), but it's not quite there yet. Fabulous!

Looks nice, but much harder to use and search when you can't view things in list view. Theater view was also much better before, grouping theaters closest to you and then by miles away etc... Wish you could change view. Also buy tickets and details page should just be combined when you click on a movie.. Really annoying and unnecessary Superb!

Went from 5 stars to 1. Old layout was perfect. New layout is terrible. App crashes all the time. Few times it doesn't all my ratings and want to see are gone. Guess I'll have to find a new app. Perfect!

The new interface looks nice but adding the movie posters makes it less functional than before, displaying fewer movies at once. Also, the widget appears to be gone? Awesome

This was my go-to app for everything movies for quite awhile. However, I have to say that I'm not too crazy about the new format that was recently installed. It's not conducive to the way that I've been using the app and I'm not sure if I'm going to continue to count on it for my movie info. Amazing!

Update???? More of step backwards. Where Netflix ? Went from goto app to one just taking up space. Use to recommend it Use, now recommend as one to avoid. Wish I could give negative 5 stars to void my previous 5 star rating. Don't update or download Highly Recommend.

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