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I used to be able to share details of whatever I was looking, movie schedules and such, but those options seem to have disappeared. It was a really useful function cuz I could just text my friends all the relevant info with but a couple clicks. Anyone know where the share buttons went? Still a great app otherwise. Definately the best way I know of to see what movies are playing when and what theyre rated, just wish I could share easily. Would be an easy 5 Stars if I could share. Worth it!

I love it so much I think they should include tv shows or do a split app for rating tv shows and keeping track of what you'd like to watch Good

I use mainly to check out the lastest on DVD or streaming. Very useful to see critics & viewers ratings before I waste my time & money on a terrible movie. Has a lot of trailers & other useful info. No app problems so far & I've been using for years. Not bad

I like the new update, it finally fixed several issues and it looks better. Thank you. Fantastic

Used to be great. Used to be 5 stars.. but without knowing what's showing in my city it's annoying. No Showing zero theaters when it's should display four.... Superb!

For all of you who "used" to love this app, I found a simple fix for the theater location problem in my area. They changed the default to theaters with purchasable ticketing. You have to change from the default to "All" theaters. They should really set the default back to all theaters, for ease of use. For small towns, it filters everything out and looks like no movies are playing for many miles. Fabulous!

Recent update has broken this once great app. Movies upcoming now only go 2 months. Menu options are a mess. Had this at 5 stars fpr many years now i wish i could .5 stars Awesome

❤ Love this app. Rarely glitches for me, always accurate, and i love seeing the rates of movies and knowing what's playing where. Even used out of state and it has been accurate. Great!

Have been using this app for years. They changed how the want to see list works and now I'm uninstalling. It used to be separated by theater and DVD, now it's just all grouped together and sorted by... I'm not sure. Why change a good thing?! Pretty good

Ever since app update 2 months ago, I have been unable to log in to account. Get an unknown error massage. So frustrating and disappointed. Been using this app for 3 years. Ugh..... Highly Recommend.

I think flixter is a great app. But after the recent update all my local smaller non chain theaters have been removed. I'm really disappointed in flixter. Might have to switch to a different app. No bueno. Come on guys :( wow lol

Rarely opens since the new layout was created. Black screen, freezing and no longer user friendly at all. Great!

Frustrating. Used to be great, but since the last major update it no longer lists all the theaters near me and I have to manually search for the one in my town and two neighboring towns. Works perfectly

Your app was great and now it's horrible. I now have to research everything on Google instead of coming up this app. Please change back! Amazing!

It doesn't work right anymore. It doesn't list all of the movies that an actor has been in. And it doesn't provide filmographies. It's really stupid and it's an easy bug fix that they could probably fix but they haven't therefore this app sucks. I always end up using the Rotten Tomatoes website before I use Flixster. This app has great potential but it fails miserably Go well

Ever since an update maybe a month or two ago, my "want to see" and ratings have been totally screwed up. Before that, I loved it. Please fix this glitch. Omg

Recent overall of this app now makes it very difficult to find the movies that I've marked as "want to watch" that might be showing in the theater. Can no longer filter them by type. Worth it!

We check it every weekend to see what movies are worth seeing, check times, watch trailers. Love it. Fantastic

I want my calander notification to come from my custom notifications folder. i don't like outlook notifications, and the only alternative is to change my global default note, and set outlook to that. Which means every time a get a text my phone plays an entire song. i am not willing compromise my alerts to wake me up in the morning, i need a long notification so i dont sleep through it. Worth a go!

I used to use it everyday, until they updated the app! Absolutely hate the update! What the hell happened?! The original app was just fine! I can't even see all the movies in my 'want to see' list, even when selecting 'see more'. And then the movies I've rated don't move over to my ratings list. The updated app is no longer user-friendly. Bring back the original app!!! Well done!!

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