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Please, think about adding bonuses for near misses and things of the sort, thanks Amazing!

Same game engine as most bike games. Graphics are just fine, not impressive. Riding just a straight line. No real game innovation here, just an ok, working, simple game Marvelous

It needs a little work on the graphic and stuff needs more bikes need more top speed that good Awesome

The game is well good...but there are lots of ads which make us feel frusted.hope u make better thank.u Surprisingly

Nice game while relaxing or for when your wife is nagging you to death lol i like it.... wow lol

I like this game very much this is very cool and picture quality is also so good Well done!!

Great driving game though I would like it if you could see the full bike when your driving but all in all its an excellent game. Flawless

Graphics are good... I hope we had the option to customize the amount of tilt.... Also game is way too fukcing easy... Plz add some more challenges also a free roam option..... Enjoy it!

خیلی خوب است ممنون ام ازشماوگوگل Great job

Game is OK ;But Add is most 3rd class.very irritated. Plz try to resolve then game may be get the popularity. Otherwise not. Enjoy it!

best game وشین لیبی براتان دانلودی کنه wow lol

Overall game is fine but add more difficulties like turning cars, turns etc etc. Flawless

Not bad. Would be better if there was music playing instead of the that buzzing the whole time. Also...although I'm only level 7 would be nice to have differnt paint colors and accessories for each bike. And...would be neat to have some other bikers to race against. Surprisingly

Way to many ads. Can't hit pause without going through an ad. Annoying. Don't show points for overtakes. Whats up with that. Good

Enjoyable to be with you guys have fun with that one day I will try to get the chance for you guys Fabulous!

I think we should be able to go be tween all cars and that their should be a speed Recommend

Um have not play the game but with all the good comments i kown it will be good Works perfectly

Time passvknxjxjnx sliding scale hi of Tunisian f jk ln DSC me if fkd if tuff sag hotspot is Must have

Its an ok game could do with some more options like upgrading or customisation they should do a motocross onr Fabulous!

pretty good,needs to let the biker have alittle more control over the bike,but still time cosuming.4 stars Muito bom!

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