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Not bad so far I'm only one run into my new device but it worked great. The only feature that hasn't work is the automatic upload of my run when connected via bluetooth to my Samsung GII phone. Once I got home it automatically synced and it showed right up on my phone app. Overall, I'm loving one device that does everything (GPS, MP3 player, HRM, tracking). Just a few kinks to work out. Hopefully my opinion doesn't change after multiple runs with the device. Samsung Galaxy SII Works perfectly

Absolutely Amazing! An amazing app to use with your motoactv! The depth that they go with features is amazing, such as the layered workout graphs and ability to see which songs were played when. Awesome.

Absolutely Amazing! An amazing app to use with your motoactv! The depth that they go with features is amazing, such as the layered workout graphs and ability to see which songs were played when. Awesome.. Recommend to download MOTOACTV APK.

Good app however This is a good app and the Motoactv is a great device. Everything works well. One thing is that if you want your txts to sync to your Motoactv you can't use any third party messaging app on your phone. I am a big fan of GO SMS but i had to uninstall it in order for the texts to sync because the Motoactv only knows how to sync with the phone's default messaging app. I wish this could change. One more thing that should come with is quick texts. To be able and respond quickly from the Motoactv would be great. love it

So great and easy to use Affter installing this great application i dont need to use the laptop any more ...i can anser my calls read any text message or read the posts on the fb or twitter on my motoactv watch while i mount at on my bike this app should be used with motorola motoactv gps watch so if u dont have the watch dont waste your time and download the app and the thing i like about this app i can see my route Recomanded app for motoactv Worth a go!

Motoactv owner This app for motoactv owners is excellent and my galaxy S3 syncs perfectly with the device. It is unfortunate that it is forced bloatware on people that do not own a motoactv. But for owners, it is a very well laid out fully functional companion to the Brilliant Motoactv. I LOVE my motoactv. Its sad this forced app will turn so many people off from looking at such a great device. Amazing!

Great app for a great watch! I realize this program is installed as bloatware on a lot of phones and that's very unfortunate, I hate bloatware as well. The problem itself is really great though if you own the watch and I hope development continues. Go well

Great App combined with my Motoactv I've been using this app on my Droid Bionic, and paired with my Motoactv. It works great and I'm very pleased with getting text messages and other info right on my Motoactv. I can't seem to get my Motoactv to sync workouts through my phone back to the Motorola website when I'm away from home. But everything else functions as described. I fully understand why non-Motoactv users would be disgruntled by being forced to have this app on their phone. But one star for a app that works great is unfair to people searching here for advice on the integrity and capability of a app. Great job

Humanity is failing You people disgust me. Most of you, Im sure only gave a bad rating because other idiots did as well. Why did an app YOU DON'T USE? Im sure the brunt of you stupid people are grossly out if shape and take offense to a fitness app coming pre installed on your device. You simpletons destroyed the rating of a honest app, for what? Recommend

MotoACTV watch If you have the motoactv watch this app is great, amazing, 10/10! If it's stuck as bloat ware on your phone, I'm sorry. Cool

#lose-weight Just hide it!! First is a moto app not Verizon so stop yelling at Verizon. Second of all... JUST HIDE IT! And I'd that still isn't enough, tour your phone and get rid of it. But as far as the app goes, its a good app and motoactv is an awesome product

#lose-weight Love it!! If you don't own a motoactv, don't comment. This is the perfect companion to my motoactv. Very easy to sync and see all your workout data.

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