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Late to the party... Good god people, the app is meant to accompany the watch to make it function, it isn't meant to be used on its own. Just like Android Wear. That said, I got the watch late in the game, so all I could really do is store workout data on my phone and use it for notifications... rooting the watch and putting your own software on it is the way to go, and the app does still work well for pushing phone notifications. The watch itself is still a good little watch - sized tablet, and the app works well with it.

Must have for golfers. Must have

This is an awesome app for fitness enthusiast. 5 star

especially Google voice. Not bad

bloatware won't let me uninstall uses my phone memory. Poor

Needs improvement of calorie counter and wellness section generally. Unusable

Finally! ! Finally this app worked, for everyone trying to use this app with the motoactv watch. .. I happened to try n sync it and it worked, idk if I got lucky or they actually fixed it, thanks to the development ppl... I got a s4 galaxy Just wow

Edit: Portal is still available, but with warnings around security I have used my MOTOACTV watch for several years and still think it is brilliant. However, having used it as late as September 2014 for golf, walking, biking with no issues, I can (EDIT) log into the website to sync my data or see the details that the website provided. Can't export from the watch or the phone app. It's a pity Motorola abandoned (sold by Google to Lenovo) one of the best watches out there. I know there were issues with sweat and moisture, but I took care of my watch to avoid those known problems. EDIT: PORTAL IS AVAILABLE BUT WITH SECURITY WARNINGS! Enjoy it!

Overall decent Great app for what it is. Has some minor bugs that can be navigated around. It needs to have better training programs, shoe mileage tracking and integration to other apps to be competitive. Brilliant

Love my motoactv but... Please update the app to work with Kit Kat. The app icon shows in notification bar and cannot be dismissed without force closing the app itself. Well done!!

So far, so good I've been on endomondo for years now, motoactv is the first competitor to really tempt me away. The watch is great but this companion app makes workout planning and review easy and interesting. The app also pushes certain notifications to the watch and enables voice calls too so you can keep your expensive phone safely in your Camelbak or bag. Marvelous

don't want it but stuck with it These maybe great apps for those that want them. But I can't stand the way motorola puts this crap on everybody's phone and won't even let you delete it. Awesome

don't want it but stuck with it These maybe great apps for those that want them. But I can't stand the way motorola puts this crap on everybody's phone and won't even let you delete it. Worth it!

4.3 update after I updated my phone to 4.3 I have an icon on my menu bar that will not go away it's the motoactv icon and if I hit the icon it opens it to uninstall the or to force stop the app if they fix this I will be back to 5 stars Perfect!

Its okay The interface is confusing and you can't do anything with the app it is just a display. You have to do everything on the website but then the app displays this information pretty well. I like how I can notifications on my motoactv from the app. I cannot get my challenges down from the site on the app though. The app would be great if you could do all the things you could do on the website on it. Perfect

Nearly useful Trying to plan an interval run on this app is terribly buggy, with the time fields only becoming available when a calorie target is selected from the drop down. Selecting time from the drop down gives you fields relating to a distance target, naturally. This may be why the coach then crashes out and refuses to talk to you during a workout. Sloppy job,moto. Worth it!

Nice Its an OK app but is broken on the Droid Bionic. Don't get text messages sent to my motoactv device nor Facebook updates. I can live without Facebook but texts would be nice. Must have

Performance Issues with Razr Maxx HD Motoactv has worked pretty well on all of my devices in the past, i've gone from a Razr Maxx to a Razr M and finally to a Razr HD and while the Maxx has some hiccups with Motoactv in the past it certainly doesnt compare to the hiccups on the HD. The app makes the phone occasionally freeze up for nearly 5 seconds at it's worst and makes things like opening a webpage while rotating the screen almost guarantee one of those hiccups. Facebook push-notifications also don't work for the watch on the Razr HD but that's an issue with FB's plugin not this app obviously. I retail Verizon phones as a third party and use the Motoactv watch to forward test calls to my wrist to make sure a customer's phone is activated properly and for this it works pretty well but all the additional baggage of the phone-lag makes it pretty unappealing and I just use the device as a glorified wrist watch because of the app. I really hope Motorola optimizes the app for their newer devices and makes it a bit leaner i'd love to use it as my daily driver again. Works great

Good for what it does.! Pretty good app... needs to get better though to stay competitive with other systems.. Recommend to take MOTOACTV APK.

Not bad so far! I'm only one run into my new device but it worked great. The only feature that hasn't work is the automatic upload of my run when connected via bluetooth to my Samsung GII phone. Once I got home it automatically synced and it showed right up on my phone app. Overall, I'm loving one device that does everything (GPS, MP3 player, HRM, tracking). Just a few kinks to work out. Hopefully my opinion doesn't change after multiple runs with the device. Samsung Galaxy SII

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