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Performance Issues with Razr Maxx HD Motoactv has worked pretty well on all of my devices in the past, i've gone from a Razr Maxx to a Razr M and finally to a Razr HD and while the Maxx has some hiccups with Motoactv in the past it certainly doesnt compare to the hiccups on the HD. The app makes the phone occasionally freeze up for nearly 5 seconds at it's worst and makes things like opening a webpage while rotating the screen almost guarantee one of those hiccups. Facebook push-notifications also don't work for the watch on the Razr HD but that's an issue with FB's plugin not this app obviously. I retail Verizon phones as a third party and use the Motoactv watch to forward test calls to my wrist to make sure a customer's phone is activated properly and for this it works pretty well but all the additional baggage of the phone-lag makes it pretty unappealing and I just use the device as a glorified wrist watch because of the app. I really hope Motorola optimizes the app for their newer devices and makes it a bit leaner i'd love to use it as my daily driver again. Works great

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