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It's amazing but challenge me to all type of tracks and becarefull if u download it if u think that your not ready for this game just read the guide it will make u win just remember that if u are 12 and above it will really be challenging so becarefull Fabulous!

I liked this game but it doesn't have settings so this is little bit difficult but I liked this game very nice , good thank you so much. Brilliant

It's a lot like bmx boy with not as many check points and way too many for coming adds Works great

I don't know why the game,s difficulty,s is rated kids; this is quite a challenge to all ages. Great!

Let me know what I can do that the only thing I would like the one that is the best way for me and I am munzir Good

Happy Birthday Hubby is the age for teeth are being made in hindi film is the best dry skin cream daily telegraph Cool

It's a great game but some times the controls don't work u go to jump and it don't jump . Amazing!

It's quite good I liked it if we play with full concentration it's very very easy and the concentration power will increase Enjoy it!

Its very nice. When I went in for the first time, it said moto race has stopped. If I could make a angry face I would. And I would also give it a cool face.♡ Go well

Good graphics My son love this game a lot I chose this even if there's a lot of bad comment I read about its a good game for me. Fantastic

Cool game I really loved this game when I played it. Some kids might like it or somw kids might not. There are other games like this you might be able to install if there is space to download.

So cool best game I want it to make a big vison of it so hard but funre to play with your friends and family to I have been on it all day and I love it So good I give it 5 stars if I cod I word put 100 stars and level 289 love it when you get the hang of it because it was hard work frist time I played it but now NEVER LOST because I am so good but I am to good for it now beat all of you

Level 36 Level 36 will not open and everytime i try to access it the game crashes and take me to main screen

I like it alot I can only you one hand can I have the chars to have the arrow close together, thank you keep the good work up.

King bobb Its rally fun i enjoy this very much..but its have a problem when i play level 36 its close

FUN ... It is very fun, really fun, but there are two problems: I am on 36 level and when I start to play, It closes by itself. The second problem is that after 5-6 game plays, the game start to play very slowly, Can't even play. Please fix the first problem, why It closes on 36 level?

GOODdest game I have completed all 45 level and enjoyed it. Special thanks to gameone. Please install it Great job

Best racing game. Best kick start II clone game ever found. Totally addicted to kick start in the c64 era and looking for something similar or better. Now found. Worth a go!

Totally disapponted but loved it Just 3 set and 45 levels only.. addicted to this game.. please upgrade with more levels... and special thanks to developing team. Coz, i played lots of games like this. But, some thing different in this game. Hope.. i ll get more stages soon. Pretty good

SUPER.GREAT Best game ever and I love it I am in the town and I can not make it pass level and this is great I love it do not deleat this game and rate this game to LOVED IT Highly Recommend.

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