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I'm expecting auto call recording option please upload that I'm using another apps still some times that apps not working properly please please Awesome

A good short-cut. No need to insert your pin, you could easily know your updates. Surprisingly

It will be better if there were a clock themes and change the look of it, Btw bring back led light Muito bom!

Please remove that round shaped charge indicator and showing stuffs in it..its out dated,and make something more trendy and stylish,or else just leave it written on the screen,avoid that circle thing pls Good

In the new update, Everytime I type a reply from the Moto display without unlocking the device, the screen turns off halfway through typing. Please fix this as the old version did not have this bug Just wow

Best feature any phone could get. It's totally amazing. You can just see any notifications without actually using waking up the phone. Perfect

It works. But very frustrating that screen only stays on TWO seconds before it blanks. Why isn't there an option to adjust??? love it

Why the led is not functioning is that only for show......there is led so it must function., every other devices moto should also give this feature ...... Fantastic

I used to see a beautiful blue fading from the top of the screen, but after the latest update it's gone. Also, why is the color on the screen not changing according to predominant color in wallpaper as with the Moto G5? 5 star

Finally, a app that can do it all! Name it and this swiss army knife of apps has it and springs into action! Get the baby app into your phone belly now! Recommend

Doesn't show notification from sms pro app Hello Now it's a few months that I have this problem,I did every thing you imagine,install,reinstall and ... Nothing changed!!! Would you please reply my msg and help me how to fix it? Thanks for your support Best regards Perfect!

Moto x play display Its really awsome function. Also we dnt need to use unlock button, just touch ur mobile n it vl show u msg, notification, n unlock option..... Works great

After update on marshmallow my turbo droid XT 1254 Moto action on screen viewing not working screen off after adjust time i.e 15 , 30 sec without any activity. Please add screen on viewing option without any activity. Works perfectly

I can't imagine what my life was like before onscreen notifications that pop up immediately when I take out my phone. Such a time saver. Awesome

Can you plz make the blue color glance color permanent. Plz Very handy and helpful to look at the notifications and also checking time by just moving the phone a little bit. I love this feature... Bt plz make that blue color permanent. Go well

Its brightness too high ...while low brightness ... in phone screen works low brightness but in the app low brightness doesn't work... so its drain battery fast... plzz give in app to control brightness or its work with default brightness... Flawless

It's great.. can't believe these people, in the comments, are having issues, all they need to do is correct their settings.. Fantastic

Brilliant This is the most useful gimmick I've ever seen in a smartphone. I can just set my phone on the desk and wave my hand at it whenever I want to check my notifications. The future is here people. Perfect

Very useful. You can see what apps have sent notifications by just picking up the phone. No buttons, no taps. Just one simple gesture! Highly Recommend.

I like the active display but it also affects the lock screen, making it look ugly. This feature was much nicer on my 1st Gen Moto X. Now I have to choose between having active display, which I love, and having an ugly lock screen. Omg

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