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Just started using it seems very good love the weather forescast hope its more accurate than our local bs reports Amazing!

I love the app. Makes things a lot easier for me as a new gardener. Is very simple to use. The ads are there but don't take away from my. experience Works perfectly

A perfect planting, sowing, pruning by the moon app. Useful notifications. I've tried many but this one meets all my needs. Even tells you what time of day to work on sowing or pruning for flower or leaf. Excellent! Worth it!

I wanted to understand this for so long. This has helped. I like apps and this is becoming one of my favorites. Perfect

Great for planning the yard and garden! However the ads are a bit much, sometimes I can't avoid touching them while using this app. Awesome

Even in winter when I am not gardening, it is cozy to have rooting and flowering updates. Fabulous!

I love planting by the moon have alway done so when i was a farmers wife thank you for getting me back to proper planting Cool

Great app for gardening by the moon. I wish there was a little more info in the app, but it's good Omg

Great app, would love it to include the actual plants we could sow that day according to season Works great

Please could you add planting calendars for specific zones for instance, which vegetables I can grow successfully in my region? You use the location device for weather forecast so why not for the calendar for planting? Superb!

Totally love it. Have finnaly learned how to do this. Just wish i could sync to my calendar. But its ok, i just add activities manually Pretty good

Because the Moon's Magnetic energy, is in the bareing, giving position. As the moon goes into a full moon, it goes into a pulling energy, thus helping the plant to grow upright and strong. As the moon moves on, it allows the plant to continue growing and resting at leisure. Until the next, same magnetic gields pass over. Helping Hand, Pulling Action, Leisure Time. Worth a go!

Very interesting app, I love that it is a guide of what to do in the garden daily. However, I am trying to grow as organic as possible and need to vary what I do daily. Like its been a while to now the lawn and though it isn't a good day I have everyone home over the weekend so I can get some help. Highly Recommend.

Perfect! Tells me when to plant, moon phases, weather, even lets me write notes. Perfect

Beautifully layed out, all the info I need to make quick decisions and even a dictionary! Must have

Love the app, but the moon shows Aries, but it's in Taurus at 19 degrees Taurus at this minute. Perfect

It really works. I had a great vegetable garden and hay cutting season using this app. Surprisingly

More detail about Harvest would be great also some of the Do Not plant days conflict with Farmers Almanac I would love an explanation thank you Brilliant

Planting being a new experience for me,your app assists me very very well, thank you! Well done!!

Really great app, spot on! Love it. It does need a way to show you the notifications it sends. I would like to be able to read those daily tips in the app, as well as them pop up as push alerts. Because I clear out my notifications and forget what it said earlier. Pretty good

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