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Interesting idea but... Nice idea but takes no real skill, also pretty expensive in the store. To make this a truly interesting app you should be able to kit bash your own models from the parts you've downloaded (a 'by vertex' sticking system maybe?)and perhaps a more in depth painting system, supply uv maps for example, or paint directly on to the model with a brush, and maybe even being able to play with the shader direct (transparency, texure, etc). Also more lighting options for photos. Needs more scope for user creativity. Brilliant

Not quite the same experience as building your own model - no smell of glue or paint, and a lot simpler. But these models don't gather dust, look very impressive and cost a lot less than the real thing. Just wish there was a bigger range of aircraft. Works great

This game is the best good graphics and let me express my creativity. I love this game Amazing!

Real money for fake models? I'd rather spend my money on real models which I can customize with my real paints, and probably even do so spending less money. The only reason this app gets more than 1 star is because it's an awesome idea that's been horribly implemented. Worth a go!

It's OK but you can only build like 5 things for free and everything else costs money. Also you can't see anyone else's designs. Also I wish you could build your own creation. Great!

Like the App but.... The app is good to build virtual models but when painting can I suggest all parts to be painted individually especially for interiors, I build actual models also and would like the chance to bend and remove pieces let's say from a tank mudguard, also why are there many more models available in the US than in the UK why Awesome

I like it alot. Wait let's see his often they update it um about once every 10 years and I can't re download any thing and if you don't fix it in a week I'm rating 1 star and if you still don't fix it I'll uninstall it Go well

Do you feel you've missed your childhood? Are you feeling a little rich right now? Look no further; waste a little money and earn your own piece of childhood right here. Not bad

It is an OK game. I rated it a 3 star, because maybe add a thing where there is in game currency to buy models instead of using real money. Another thing is that can you add a thing where people can use their vehicle and 3rd of all, get a better place where you make the model. Great!

Nice game but when I got a new device and downloaded the game with my same Google Play account, none of my real world money purchases were saved. Not happy about that one bit. Worth a go!

Love the idea but the boxes are too expensive in the store. Cant you make a system where you earn points from building model kits and use the points to buy other model kits? That would be much better. wow lol

It's nice for those that enjoy building models and customizing them but don't have the time or money to get actual models. But the models that people would look for ( I myself was excited for the Tiger II H) cost money, including stickers and paint. The free ones offered are not at all what I'd expected/wanted and were a complete letdown. Nice concept overall, but is pay-to-play. Must have

I think this game is awesome. I only have 1 beef with it I do not have a credit card and I can not buy the kits. So if you don't have real money to buy the kits or a credit card. There are a few lame free model kits you can down load. Thank you for the teaser. Just wow

A,see for yourself game remember as a child putting together those freaking awesome model cars as a kid/ adult ? , well it's back in the fiber glass and for you really big kids in color now! Lol,no more excuses like always on the go or ur just not hands on anymore well GEt your hands on your phone and let's fall back into the past ! Whats your excuse these days! What are you waiting for Just download already .. Or are you too big of a chicken shoot (Warning maybe extremely addictive) download with extreme caution ladyz n gentz. Enjoy it!

Super Loved It! Can I 10 Star it?!!! Wonderful, Wonderful app! I was never into models before, but my child wanted this. When I saw how cool it was, couldn't resist trying. Once I tried I was Hooked! This is Way better than 'typical' models! Loved it, Loved it, Loved it!!! Not bad

Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 5.0.1 Great app nicely done. Plus: Works with cardboard. Minus: cardboard feature is only a viewer for finished models. models cost as much as a complete app.. would be cool if you could implement the free gold system like in your unkilled game.. would make this app more fun Enjoy it!

Just ok Interesting idea and good graphics, but once you get to adding stickers, it gets messy and doesn't enable easy editing. Click on one sticker, it strangely edits the previous one, and there's no way of editing the one you want until u get tired of it. love it

Very, very good mechanics. Unfortunately the selection of models is really weak. I expected to see some of the staple car models like 57 Chevy, Hemi Cuda, Charger, Roadrunner, Corvettes, Mustangs, Buick Grand National, etc. The aircraft selection is even worse. Not only is the selection very limited, the ones presented are Revell who make poor kits. I'd love to see Italeri, Hasegawa, etc. The cream of the crop kits. This has potential. I'd love to see full virtual versions of real existing kits with matching numbers and a building process as close to the real thing as possible. Essentially using this as pre-viz method. Even add in more custom painting methods with brushes and ways to add details like rust or exhaust stains. Cool

Just what I was looking for! I'm an engineering student and this is just what I'm after - I'm so glad the DaVinci models are free! Simple genius- and I love how you can actually see the models in motion doing what they were designed to do. With complete parts and build sequence , aspiring model makers could fabricate the parts themselves and make life size ones! Thanks so much ,I love it! Fabulous!

Good! I wish i could disamble some parts after full assembly and 1 free plane and 1 free dino and 1 free boat should be there you know like a sample. But most important is that wish i could take the for a mile test drive. Pleassse. Make the game like that and your ratings will be 4.9 out of 5. Please make some samples and test drive for a mile.!! Pleassse. And this my favourite game on android Must have

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