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MONZO I think this app is a fantastic alternative to real world modelbuilding...this is much the same except for no hazardous materials to be harmful during the build...also, with the full collection of paints and enough or all of the stickers...I still call them decals...the skill is not in building the model so much as making it look awesome with paint and decals. If you look at the real world model boxes there are 3 skill levels: 1 easy...this is like snap-tight and mostly out-of-the-box no paint and some decal work...2: this level involves more parts, paint, and decal work...and 3 is where the heavier skills in painting and massive amounts of decal work in some cases is necessary, like the Star Trek Enterprise or Voyager with their Aztec camouflage and others that require lots of accurate decal work as most military I feel this is an awesome alternative to the realworld versions...Thank you MONZO producers for a great app...may use a game engine but it's more than just a game! Oh, and the expert mode models are the closest to realworld model building... 5 star

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