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Good. I am not giving u five stars because u should make all models free so that children could build models and express their creativity if u make monzo 2 and make all models free in it I will give u five stars. Go well

REFUNDS Monzo is a great game but it needs refunds, I bought a tank and it wouldnt let me build it. So I want a refund. Plz reply and see what monzo can do Worth a go!

Brilliant, sexy and fun. This app is so unique, I haven't seen anything like it. The idea is fresh and introducing digital building in such a sleek yet technical way makes it fun. My only problem is the benign amount of free boxes. I don't see myself paying for boxes. Worth it!

I like it But the problem is everything with the money every thing is with real money please let it to be free Marvelous

Biggest scam ever There is nothing free about it. Only the stupid models are for free, all the good ones are for not free and they are even too expensive. Fantastic

Very high quality app Almost as absorbing as building a real model was for me 40 years ago but without the mess! The detail when zooming into parts is a joy, and animations are superb. Part of modelling is standing back to admire your handiwork though, this does massively de-skill the process, but is an enjoyable way to spend time nonetheless. Works great

Fantastic models Great fun but can run out expensive but take into consideration the quality I think it's good value for money. 5 star

Cool things u can build but I like the idea of this game building models experience it all but there really a few things u gotta pay wit real money which is ridiculous like the free one are like old things I understand you guys wanna make money but cmon but put one of the guns free to build or another car at least some people don't use real money on games they get on to have fun but it's cool simulation Omg

This is cool What a cool use of touch tech. I dig it... I do find it funny that some people complain that a company (trying to make money so they can hire good talent and make more great software) would have the audacity to charge money for their product. Really? ---------- If you keep it installed long enough you will realize that they put an item in sale every week or so. Just wait! We want this, and we want that, oh yeah, and we want it free... sheesh.... keep up the great work.... Great job

Good game Its a fun game to play. Very innovative. But my only qualms with it and reason why I 4 starred it was because it's simple. I would like it more if it was realistic in building the models. I.e the sports car model. It would have been awesome to build the engine ground up instead of it being prebuilt. But other than that very enjoyable. Id recommend it for beginner hobbiests :)

Cute Would be more fun if you could do kit bashing and put items where you want them to go instead of where they are supposed to go. Nice details though

It was good I put 5 stars because I love the app but it keeps closing on my Android tablet, and also I want to be able to put the parts on in what ever order I want and turn the pages in the manual before I finished them but every thing else is OK so far.

Really cool and fun game for car enthusiasts I've been looking for an app sort of like this for a little while (one where you could build and customize your own car from the ground up). And this is almost exactly that but you can't necessarily build your own car but you can assemble and completely customize it which is still pretty cool. The mechanics of the game work great and are easy to get used to in the beginning too

Wow this is a really great game oh my god I cannot express words to describe how awesome it is it is really great its just amazing its really creative and I think you guys at madfinger are the only people who did this type of gaming it sets aside all the bloody gory zombie and samurai games you did previously great job i would give you 99999999999999999999999999999999999 stars if I could and if it was a number it is amazing I would buy every single model if I had google play money. Great game guys.

As an Amature Engineer.. And Artist Craftsman; this app is a great exercise for the graphic functionality from the left hemisphere. My brother is left handed and most likely uses the right hemisphere(surreal/linking?) a little more in his work(actually this is me posing as him, hoping he doesn't sue me for false representation. ;o).

Surprisingly fun... Didn't really see how a digital version of a model kit would work, but it's actually quite fun. Not bothered about the painting and stickers, but seeing how this work with history snippets and cut aways is interesting. The prices on the non - free models though look ridiculous... £6+? Still, hopefully get more youngsters into real model making if theyve not tried it before, and some of the more complex models look fun for those older makers among us!

Great game :D This is a great game i love it the reasons i had rate 4 stars is there is only 8 and those 8 is they are only simple machines. I have an idea of a game w could build and create anything we want with things like nitro,wheels,lasers,rockets and much more pls reply for it if you are gonna make the game :D

What a game I must say im really enjoying this game as I love building cars boats and planes anything that requires use in your brain.

Very neat idea and well made. Pretty cool idea, the app is very well made, I enjoyed making the sample car. It's not for me though but I did want to check it out and I'm glad I did. I think in the future 3D printing would be a nice option. Also Gundam-like robots would be awesome!

The good old days!!! Excellent concept and idea but toooooooo easy and quick. Have a separate page for parts all together jumbled up so you have to look for them. Get a glue gun involved. Allow mistakes so you must start over. CHALLENGING PLEASE

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