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Brilliant I have been taken back to my youth, you guys have done a sterling job with this app. Keep the models coming.. Recommend to get MONZO APK

Ify I wish you could like sell the model for game money and buy other instructions for other and I wish you could make your own car then I'd give it five

This is so fun! As a teen I built lots of model kits but don't have the time now... This is s great way to enjoy building again without taking a month to build a kit! Very nice app!. Recommend to download MONZO APK

Part fit issues Great game idea, but sometimes it takes hundreds of attempts to get pieces to fit. You have to move the whole model until you find just the right angle. It got infuriating after a while.

Great to pass time As detailed or simple as you want. You can create some great detail on the tanks and planes. But you have to pay for it. Extra details like paint sets and damage decals are available for a cost. Not unexpected and at a cost less than 2 dollars it's not unreasonable. But some of the models are up there in cost. Needless to say for replay value you'll be spending some cash. Over all its a fantastic app, but be prepared to spend some money.

Good I just started to build my first car game is okay I didn't have any trouble downloading itgame is okay I didn't have any trouble downloading it

I love it I love collecting model cars and dismantle it to see how it was made then assemble it again. This app lets me assemble and modify model cars like in real life

I like it, but.. It would be nice if more were free or at least cheaper. I know it takes time and effort for you guys to make the models and do up keep on the app, but I'm not sure if I could justify spending so much on digital models. I know I'll end up buying some in the end though. Also, what happened to the assault rifle?

Models made easy Not like old school modeling, kit bashing or custom built. Can't think of this as something better to do on the go. It does solve the problem of space in terms of stuff needed to for the hobby.

MORE AUTOMOTIVE MODELS!! I've had this app for a couple of months now, and it's a great app don't get me wrong but, I get REAL tired of building the same models over and over and over again! I have always been a CAR modeler, and the 2 available are getting old, fairly quickly. Also, I posted a few models for contest this morning and NOT ONE showed up on the contest page!! I have made purchases in the app, but before I spend another thin dime, I'm going to re-asess the app and overall customer satisfaction and may just deciede to uninstall.

Incredible Potential!!! While not perfect, this is an amazing simulator with incredible potential in so many areas. Pros include beautiful detail, ability to zoom in/out, ability to see the model from any angle or move & open parts, great animation, & simplicity of overall model construction process. My daughter loves the capabilities! I've only started messing with this, but some things I'd like to see are the ability to backtrack or deconstruct the model piece by piece, attach pieces where they don't belong for kitbash possibilities, save a collection of pieces from different models for kitbashing, cut or alter pieces for kitbashing, paint in between assembly steps, and ability to assemble parts in different order than standard "lead-through" order. I see great possibilities for using this as a supplementary building instructions tool available for free download with purchase of a physical model, but also like the possibilities for electronic-only modeling. Certainly useful tool for those unfamiliar with modeling to provide simulated experience and learn about order of assembly - nice introduction to the hobby! Looks great! I look forward to future updates and models.

Wow the future of model building. So it's really nice, but since we are in the digital age. I say let's go one step further and go further into detail. Why not up the difficulty and let's build a real engine all the parts and electrical system. Then make it run and buy upgrades for it lol. Think of the possibility a model airplane that starts would be amazing. Love the app though.

Fun, but expensive Fun if you don't mind waiting for free models. But the good ones cost money, be prepared to buy at least one.

Meh. It's a great game, but I want to build more and there is no way I'm spending large sums for virtual models.. Recommend to get MONZO APK

A Gem of an App! I accidentally stumbled across this app and figured I'd give it a try. Within minutes I was reliving the toy modelling days of my youth. I'm sure there's a lot I'm missing but it would be nice to have a paint and sticker guide to use when finishing the models - especially for aircraft and artillery models. Perhaps one exists and I'm not seeing it? If so, can you tell me where to find it? Keep up the good work. I look forward to some of the old Revell classics like the guillotine, the working V8 engine, the human body, and the Saturn 5 rocket. Thanks for making such a cool app!

Impressed The 3D graphics concept is amazing, but agree with other users the price of large models is too high. Also think that 'making' models like this is pretty tedious, and the real value is the interactive content. Watching the daVinci machine working is amazing, and exploring machines from any angle so cool. This could so easily be a top educational app with more serious content like that. But models? Not so sure...

Awesome Idea!!!! What an awesome idea..Thank you.. I miss building models I haven't done one since I was a kid... No more messy glue or painting. I hope you make more kits to choose from. I would like to see a combustion engine.

Nice but not up to the mark. Concept is good. But the way game is designed is totally idiotic. You can't set the part correctly, no help option, manual is use less. I m just putting the correct parts at correct place but it can't be get attached. And yes no save option. If you quits in a middle of the game. You have to start it again from starting.

Awsome Madfinger games this is like totally awesome but there is a small request can you make some other things free for us cuz I cant use the credit card I would be grateful if u make the tyrannosaurus free umm the gun the moterbike thats all I would be grateful if u do that lots of thanks

10 out of 5 from my side I am an engineer ... brillent for students. Nice effort put by developer ... bravo

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