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Great App, but Adds after buying stuff? - Hey! I really like this app. No adds appear on models that are purchased (only on the free models). Stylus input recognition would be nice instead of being limited to finger input. Looking forward to availability of more models. Works perfectly

It could be good It could be good if fix that you don't have to pay the other models I will give you five star if you fix it Cool


I imagine it's great I'm sure this app is good if only it would actually work! As mentioned before, HTC one m8 on 5.1 just keeps freezing. Muito bom!

Good but expensive I really enjoyed this it works well, models are overpriced though which is why I gave it 3 stars. Cool

Fantastic I have only tried first car and it was free. that was cheaper and cleaner than the real thing and it doesnt die. Marvelous

Monzo It is a good app to help in learning more about engineering, and it suitable for all ages and for engineers and non engineers. Works great

Very nice A good Engineering app, for a non Engineering as well as Engineering mind persons Highly Recommend.

Disappointed Absolutely brilliant game. Shame you have to pay for each model pack though. The cost adds up quickly...way too quickly. Other than that, love it. Just wow

Amazing game! If you're into building models as well as painting them then this is the game for you Perfect!

Good idea but... I understand that there should be a cost for items etc, would be a 5 star idea, but just as you're getting into things theres a full screen ad, occasionally with unskipable video. Yes devs need to fund the game, but I'd rather pay a fee and actually be able to use the app than continue using an app that at any moment could throw a full screen app at me. Also the fine detail pieces in paint and stickers are very fiddly as your finger will completely obscure what you're aiming to change. Recommend

Wow what's that I have downloaded this game today and I was playing tutorial it was fine but when it ended my eyes were opened to see that the models were for real must make a game money. I am deleting the game. Go well

Very good way to pass the time. I really love this game I was really addicted to it, but the only thing is they need more models hopefully they have new models soon. wow lol

Good Great models, lovely details. Its nice you can paint and sticker how you like. If you don't mind spending a little on more models, totally worth a look. Not bad

Best Game for me (Samsung Galaxy S5) Wow! I build Gundam Plastic Models and I'm surprised to see some models on my phone. I don't really customize but here, this is FREEDOM!! Thank you! Improvements: Graphics :) Pretty good

It were your dreams come to life. If you love making models but dont have the money to keep buying them at hobby stores, this app has got you covered. All your favorite models of airplanes, cars and so many more are here. However you have to buy models,stickers, and paint colors. Great job

Great model kits I loved doing models as a kid. Nowadays, they run 20-30 bucks a pop. This has all the detail of original models, and excellent painting techniques and colors. It can get little costly, but once purchased, you own paints and models. You can redo models and repaint them as often as you wish. Decals can also be purchased. They're a little more difficult to use. Need a wider selection, though I can appreciate what goes into it to make these kits. A definite 5 star, with 5 more added. Perfect!

I become a vehicle designer in instant! No need much time to figure out how its work! A must have apps for every designer! Must have

Great game galaxy tab 4 I loved this game it is just every thing for free if you encounter with this game please install it:-))) Worth a go!

Best In Virtual Construction Monzo has produced some of the best virtual models to build in that it gives you step by step instructions with which to put it together. Good

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