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Almost a good deal... Very nice app. It would be perfect, but it's a shame you have to pay for anything different than the only one free model. And pay a lot of money. Sorry but I had to uninstall it. Pity. Marvelous

Samsung Galaxy S4 Android 5.0.1 Great app nicely done. Plus: Works with cardboard. Minus: cardboard feature is only a viewer for finished models. Building models with the cardboard viewer would be an awesome feature. Omg

Awesome If you like to build plastic models, then this is the app for you! Although i don't have any money with me right now, i can't buy any other sets. Please make some free! Fabulous!

What to say ? This is surely one of a kind app. Digital Collectibles? I thought it would be boring, turned out to be an amazing and self fulfilling app. Never felt like that. Omg

Excellent game This is one of the best games I've ever played even if its a creation game it's still good wow lol

Awesome but.... I only have one problem and that is most of the models (except for the really challenging ones) should be free. I'm only 12 and don't have any money to invest in games. Other than that awesome game. P.S I have been waiting for a good app like this for ages Surprisingly

Brilliant Lots of fun without the glue everywhere. Ive made up the sports car and a couple of the other free models and it's just fun. People who complain about the ads mustn't understand that the development has to be paid for somehow. I'll certainly be buying some models whe I run out of freebies. Only criticism is that my phone and pad dont sync. Perhaps in a future version. Recommend

Nice app This is a wonderful modeling app. It's especially nice to be able to see systems in operation. I will be buying many model kits. Worth a go!

Nice game But I can't take other model please add other model for free I like army tank but when I taken it say you have to pay for this model. so please add other model for free. wow lol

Great model kits, fantastic app, BUT Nowadays, models run 20-30 bucks a pop. This has all the detail of original models, with great decals and paints that never run out. You can redo everything as often as you wish. I own about 30 models and paints and decals. They need to ramp up production. Guns, cars, planes, tanks and bikes, Medieval weapons and DaVinci inventions. Not my cup of tea, but there's been nothing for awhile. 10 stars ✨ again when new product. I've done everything. Go well

Love It ... But why so expensive to buy one model ? could give me 3 free model at the start ? i hope you read this . thanks Omg

Nice work guys Keep doing the good work.. By the way(mad finger games) is my favourite company :) Fabulous!

Very awesome. Pls update more WW2 and WW3 like M1A2 Abrams and panzer4 ausf and many more and make it free for an event Cool

My latest hobby I can lose myself for hours on a build. It can be a bit pricey, but they have sales very often. Brilliant

Awesome! What a cool idea for a map. Loved building models a kid. This brings back all those memories! Surprisingly

Fantastic! all the fun in building a model but without all the stickiness and tools. people complaining about this app really will never be satisfied in life with anything. There's nothing wrong with this app in fact, I give big props to the developer, an A+ job Great!

Fun Great game i love designing and building models but would you add a few more free models and a choice to get 1 of any bundles for free and same with painy kits but 2 of them because i dont really get money that often so i cant get that much experience with the game Highly Recommend.

It's different from how I used to build models but I do enjoy very rewarding for me I recommend it for anyone who enjoys this hobby Love to you have time to do something that something I used to do in my childhood I love it wow lol

WELL worth the expense As someone who's attempted doing this for real, this is in many ways superior! Constantly improving, excellent variety, gorgeous presentation, just a brilliant idea turned into a top notch app. This is what apps SHOULD be. Kudos developers! Great job

Pay for models? Really? Great game, but you really want people to pay money for "models" that don't exist? Come on! Not bad

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