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Rock rakshit Its ok , but it disappointed me because many cars , dinos and guns are locked.. please open all the items , time pass to play monzo...

Disappointed I would give all five stars if all my purchased model kits had their own sticker sets like real model kits have. Bought the expert Fokker DR. 1, no stickers?? Checked the store, no sticker set for it to even spend more money on?? What's up with that?? The free car that roped me into this app, and spending money on other model kits, had a set of stickers included. The models that I bought have updates to them, but it doesn't explain what was updated about them, like "Hey! We added stickers to your kits!"

Interesting idea but... Nice idea but takes no real skill, also pretty expensive in the store. To make this a truly interesting app you should be able to kit bash your own models from the parts you've downloaded (a 'by vertex' sticking system maybe?)and perhaps a more in depth painting system, supply uv maps for example, or paint directly on to the model with a brush, and maybe even being able to play with the shader direct (transparency, texure, etc). Also more lighting options for photos. Needs more scope for user creativity.

More car models Awsome app but i would like to see more car models ( muscle cars , hot rods, racing cars ) pretty boring if your not into guns and army crap

What happened to the models? All the models cost money why? Why can't the models all be free? I love this game. Why don't they just be free.

I can't find the M4 Assault Rifle I love this app so much, I like doing these models in real life now I can do it over my phone.

Where are the new models? What's up with this game, I updated but there are no new models. I love this game but I don't know what to think. Where are the new models,such as the M4 carbine?

Rate this 100 I cant tell my experience this is one of the best application i ever used u must download it

I would loved it if You would be allowed to buy other vehicles for exp or something like it than just having the first sports car. Marvelous

Its ok I have been building models for about 12 years this is like your first snap together you get when you are younger.....but good app Perfect!

Samsung galaxy tab 2 lollipop vs It take me out every time I complete the tutorial please do something is the best tunning app. wow lol

Simply Amazing! The 3D aspect and amount of detail in this game gives the player endless entertainment and education not found in other games. Good

No. 1 Seriously! anyone has better idea than this for entertain people on their phone?! hopefully see more update like ranking and votes... Well done!!

Cool No words to say about this app..this app is so nice . I Love it ..Its a awesome game Just wow

Great model kits, fantastic app, BUT Update. Back to 5 stars. Biplane finally released, but can't put finished components together Nowadays, models run 20-30 bucks a pop. This has all the detail of original models, with great decals and paints that never run out. You can redo everything as often as you wish. I own about 30 models and paints and decals. And they've updated their entire collection! Amazing!

GREAT FOR YOUNG MINDS!!! :) Love the models and the creativity it realesed in my mind if there was a ten rating in smack it a hundred times!! (⊙ω⊙) Highly Recommend.

Me & my son Loved the game and he asked me to buy the paid models i tell him that one day i will buy him all the model's when i will find a job... But i can built all free models cause i can't buy all other paid models cause i don't have any credit card or money. Enjoy it!

Super Loved It! Wonderful, Wonderful app! I was never into models before, but my child wanted this. When I saw how cool it was, couldn't resist trying. Once I tried I was Hooked! This is Way better than 'typical' models! Loved it, Loved it, Loved it!!! Works perfectly

Amazing hobby It's been my childhood hobby. The game is ultra realistic except when it comes to actually touching the model. The idea is awesome and enjoyable but buying a VR model is just stupid. I'd rather go and buy one from a toy store. Great job

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! This is probably one of the all time coolest apps I've ever played! You got to try this out! Outstandingly great job designers!!!!!!! 20 STARS - ******************** Muito bom!

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