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Xcellent all models should be free.. or less cost... rather it is awesome game Highly Recommend.

Pretty good

Its fun to say the least Only gripe I have is with the fact that the free kits are mre than just a bit stupid...if it had been one kit of each category then yes I'd give it 5 stars..but with the majority being Da Vinci's gadgetry it takes a lot away from the whole concept...if that could change it would be worth the download..also purchased kits tend to in the end the purchase is pointless... Omg

Cool App Cool app but I hate how i have to buy every other single kit there are like only five kids that are free! They need to make more Free kits!... Fantastic

I really liked Hey thankyou for made this request can you make more model. Thanks madfinger Recommend

Great This game is really great! It's got really smooth graphics and its fun to play. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that you have to buy almost everything and the prices of some of the things that you can buy. Other then that it's great! Could you make some more free things though? Great!

More Free Models This is a great app but there's a lack of free models pls. Add more models just like planes, cars, or anything you guys could add wow lol

More It was a good idea but need to add more like old classic trucks like and suv like blazers and muscle cars Surprisingly

Monzo Pretty cool,however parts should go in order of sequence ,not just cause it fits

Freakin awesome! I woulda givin 5

Freakin awesome! I woulda givin 5 Pretty good

Next update please add these Some more tanks, maybe some model trains,some more aircraft and ships and maybe some special airfix kits and some model train sets pleeeeeaaaase!!!! With the layouts could you have a controller as a action so you can send the train round the layout. Also could you make it so that if you put model trains in it you can put the different train bits together and put your own train on the layout and make your own railway layout pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game I love it how you make its like you feel that you are making new thing for the earth but the problem is that they are with money

What the hell happened!!!!!! I cannot use some of the models I have purchased because they are "under maintenance" and worse yet for an app. where I am spending a great deal of money I am now getting hammered by ads. I used to rate this app. five stars, it is now three and I am considering dropping it further.

AWESOME Digital model kits are a lot better than real Models , They have many advantages . - Its a lot cheaper than real models . - You can carry hundreds of models in your pocket. -Easier to paint /sticker / undo paint etc. - You can Paint build and sticker Any model , anytime , anywhere . A very nice app

Is Cool I Like The App But The Coooooooolllllllleeeeerrrr Modes Are For Money.And My Dad Dosent Allow Me To Get Paid Apps Or Paid Stuff.So Can You Please Turn The Paid Models Free?

Ill give it 5 Ill give it 5 stars again but I want you guys to update it with new car models new gun models new airplane models and more because the building is awsome and i dont mind with that said new update and new models of every category Thank You ......Overall Is an Excellent App :)

Awesome thanks for the best model app ever Need to add some good ole square bodies and make it where we can take parts from the kits to make our own models

Like it but I will give you 5 stars at least for the next update to always to choose one of our favorite models for free

Great fun Just like building the models as a kid but without the cutting and poor paint jobs

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