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NEED MORE Its really good but i don't see any new ones add more please and make them cheap like $2.99 Works perfectly

Best game but one problem It's the best but plz make all things free why for money it's the best game.. plz make it free, everyone says to make all things free so then why it's for money.. It really deserves 5 stars but not for that problem Muito bom!

I have always want ed to get into model building now I can Really good nothing bad p.s. developers make it to were u can ether get a free model daily, spin to get models or to where u can models with coins p.p.s also add more models Perfect!

definitely a good time if you're into model building. when I used to build real models however, I would like to change things or leave out parts to add my own customized look to it. perhaps something to consider in the future? the ability to omit certain parts if you wish. perhaps even if you could take parts from one model and use them in another, that would be fun too. I don't usually give 5 stars, but this one deserves it. Not bad

What a game What a game please download this game now this is awesome game but in all models are buying so I'm request you to please remove this buying please Must have

Why every interesting model is for paid? I waiting from long time but why are you not doing paid models as free. Pls do this neither the game will be boring. Because all remaining items are foolish. Well done!!

Well... I got it but not everything is free!make everything free or I'll get this game off my tablet!you don't have to be so mean! Fabulous!

Okay but! Okay building but there are problems on the painting, some parts can be coloured with two or three colours on the left of a model but are a solid mass on the right. Also problems after changing device, previous purchases will not open no matter which account I try to open. New model do not arrive weekly either. Recommend

Eeehhh. Not bad. A little too easy. I did nine models in 40 min. Plus the models are expensive. A few cost 99¢ but most cost over $3 and the good ones cost $8. You can buy bundle packs but you get anywhere from 1-3 models for a ridiculous amount of money. And to top it off, there is a very limited number and type of models. Not many cars, planes, only 2 motorcycles, most are old Leonardo da Vinci devices. I would suggest you download, and do all the free models then decide if your life savings is worth using up.. Great job

Fun but expensive It's a fun game but I don't want to pay an absurd amount for models... the King Tiger is $7.99 and I feel that $7.99 is WAY too much for a electronic model. Superb!

Works perfectly


Worth a go!


More difficult free models please Please give us more models for free and also more difficult ones free this is an awsome app loved it pls will then fully deserve 5stars Marvelous

Its best i ever see Its like real thing, simple but like reality build something from scratch to something wonderful. I wish there are more free model.. or with advertisement. 5 star

I wish no paying The games great but I wish no payment for the kits...and paints... And the stickers. I could rate it 5 stars but because of the paying i'm rating it 3 stars Works perfectly

So creative! This is one of my favorite creativity app. So much fun in this app and freely to make things I want Enjoy it!

Hmm... This isn't half bad except that in order for me to completely rate it, allow more access for other model kits, like a demo or limited access to the less complex modles and once the trial expires then they would need to pay for all the other modles and packs. Worth a go!

Love monzo only if all the models were for free and please ad a koeningsegg in next update Go well

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