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Well made but expensive models The game is very well done, runs smoothly and it's a very zen experience to build the virtual models. I like that it gives you facts about the model your working on. The problem I have is the cost of the additional models in the store. Asking someone to pay near the cost of a real model kit is just not realistic. If they were a couple dollars each I would purchase the entire collection over time. I'm not asking for them to be free. Designers should get paid for there work. 3d modeling is hard work. Marvelous

Oh hey! Could you do a favor for me? Good. Can you add 5th Gen stuff like the bugatti veyron and chiron? Oh and maybe even add the f-16 fighting falcon and the f-22 raptor maybe... please Amazing!

The best or the worst First of all it's a really nice game and I know why anyone is not giving five stars and please make it free of cost then I would give it 5 stars and everyone else will also thank you Superb!

Like the App but.... The app is good to do virtual builds of models, I construct the real thing up to 1:35 scale but I have just got a tiger 1 ,1:16 scale. Now I know in the US there are many more models available then in the UK why Fantastic

Better than real models! So many apps that model a real world activity are far less fun than doing that activity. Like throwing birds at pigs. Anyway, this is one of the rare exceptions. 5 star

Best of the best This game is awesome if your into hobbies like model building and if your not you will ,I recommend you get this app it needs no internet to play ,it's fun for all ages and it feels like your actually building a real live model of something get it now Brilliant

Great idea for an app takes me back to my childhood making models Unfortunately it won't install (keeps saying wrong hardware on phone) so can't play unfortunately Enjoy it!

Everything is good except..... Excepth that the other models are too costly for a virtual model kit..... We can actually buy 2 or 3 real models with all the price in the app Surprisingly

Great idea, but...... Paying that much money for a virtual model is just a little absurd..... Even having to pay for paint and decal kits... I can just keep to my "real" models... Muito bom!

Responsive Controls well. I'd like more rounded details, but looks really good for a free app. However, only the first kit and a few lame ones are free. The cool ones are cheap but not free. Fantastic

Not so good........ You should do this: if you finish 3 expert builds, you can choose one of the other builds and I'm gonna "Build" 5 Stars for this game. I really loved this game and I'm waiting for future updates Good

Please read! This game is awesome, but I'm giving it a 4 star rating because only 1 model is free and the other have to be bought with real money. I have a suggestion. Players could build models and then sell it for in game currency to buy models. Thank you for reading. wow lol

Just what I needed Ever since I got my first smartphone I have wanted a building game and this one is perfect!! Great!

Its cool I like this game but there are still a few glitches in it.What I don't like is that most of the constructions cost money to build them even the tryranasuarus and I like dinosaurs in facked I love them there my vavorat thing.So if you want to get this game choose wisley Muito bom!

Surprisingly addictive Who would've thought an app thats simulates model building could be this enjoyable. This performs well on any device even my galaxy J1 with only 500mb of ram! I would deffinately recomend this app to anyone who has time to kill even to people who dont enjoy model building in real life, like myself. Flawless

I am speechless!! This app is like McDonald's .... I'm lovin' it!! Just one thing to say, please give more FREE models so that the fun does not end as soon as it starts! Omg

Okay but This is a cool well made game but that needs to be more free vhicles sand mints because right now you have to buy most kits and with the free ones it gets boring pretty quick. Pretty good

This is really cool, but expensive. I understand that is the profit of free games but id honestly rather prefer more ads than having to pay almost $7 for a single model. Awesome

Amazing There's one thing I don't agree on its that you have to pay to get a model I understand that it's like that in real life but could you maby give a few experts and just models without us having to pay thanks for the great game! Go well

Shrewd business tactic! None of the photos shown are available to do in the app for free of different cool tattooed cars , panzers ,planes are only for PREMIUM ..nice should not PAID pics to promote a FREE app! Must have

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