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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus This app is truly one of a kind, but it's only worth three stars because I bought a five dollars bundle pack off of you guys and can't even use it because it's under maintenance!? Why sell products when users can't use them? Please fix this and I'll change my rating to five stars.. Muito bom!

Interesting game for 8+ kids. I am feeling like a mechanic. I have never played any game like this. My parents also like this . Sniper 3d assassin has failed. This is the most best game of world or PLAY STORE. Recommend

MONZO I think this app is a fantastic alternative to real world modelbuilding...this is much the same except for no hazardous materials to be harmful during the build...also, with the full collection of paints and enough or all of the stickers...I still call them decals...the skill is not in building the model so much as making it look awesome with paint and decals. If you look at the real world model boxes there are 3 skill levels: 1 easy...this is like snap-tight and mostly out-of-the-box no paint and some decal work...2: this level involves more parts, paint, and decal work...and 3 is where the heavier skills in painting and massive amounts of decal work in some cases is necessary, like the Star Trek Enterprise or Voyager with their Aztec camouflage and others that require lots of accurate decal work as most military I feel this is an awesome alternative to the realworld versions...Thank you MONZO producers for a great app...may use a game engine but it's more than just a game! Oh, and the expert mode models are the closest to realworld model building... 5 star

Let down badly Recently purchased Bismark game only to find I can't download it. E-mailed Madfinger two weeks ago still waiting for a reply ! Also purchased Black Diamond,Panther Tank and Stegasaurus months ago, they also will not download now. I'm now at least £20 out of pocket. Badly let down. Pretty good

Games should be made free of Cost My son liked this game very much and wanted more of such stuff, but there money involved in purchasing other stuff which is not a good practice. Please make note of this. Worth it!

I'm happy to receive a new car for my collection of Monzo , I just love it thank you. Now i wish there are more models to do i need some more of them, thank you Omg

Good app.. But maximum models are costly and need to be bought in online. Free models are in a minimum number. And those are not so many long time model. Great!

This is AMAZING why does anyone give 1 star to this! it's very very good but some of the model I want usually need to purchase I don't want use my money but this app/game is AMAZING should play ( Everyone ) Amazing!

Great customization Great game but it crashes after every 5 mins on my phone i have played many mfg games but never found such error ,Unkilled and dead trigger2 used to work perfectly on my phone Cool

Brilliant game - really relaxing and engaging little construction / puzzle game. The expert models give a decent challenge too. The pricing of additional models (up to £3.79 for a single digital model although some are bundled together at a discount) seems quite high at first. However once you start to build these models, look at the cut-away views and watch the animations, it's clear a lot of work has gone into them and the price seems justified. I hope the author adds more models in the future! Enjoy it!

Would be better if more of the models where free. And have exclusive models available for purchase. And maybe different backdrops? I hope these ideas come in future updates I like the game, but it becomes easily boring with the same simple models. I hope the people at MADFINGER games will take these ideas into consideration. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Fantastic

50% fun I have been a scale modeler for 35 years, good idea but missing the point, to create with your hands not move pictures around to predestined points, is why I make models. Instead use your cell for talking and go to a hobby store purchase a Tamiya model and feel the real excitement of completion. wow lol

One problem You have to buy the BMW for 9 dollar's and the super GT Racing car for 20 dollar's why . not even a game is that large money. I bought the last of us game on play store for 10 dollar's and it is way better than the super GT Racing Car so much better only 4 Star .this this game is for the stupidest people on earth . why would you buy a stupid car for 20 dollar's 20 , when you can buy a good car game and gun game. That's wast of money.but I bought it stupid me . when I could buy G.T.A 5 on my Ps 3 end Amazing!

I think it's a really cool concept, but there's nowhere near enough free models for people with different tastes. IE... I am prior military. I only do military, aircraft, and Star Wars models. My prefered models are tanks. Please ad more free models to start out with. Then I'll rate 5 stars. Works great

The store is soooo expensive U cant make anything without dishing out a couple hundred bucks!! Otherwise it's a cool game.. Great!

Suggestions I like it but have a few suggestions which may increase the difficulty possibly through a menu toggle option. 1-Show all the parts while building instead of greying them out. This will make it so you have to visually identify the part you need correctly instead of quickly guessing from the several highlighted parts. 2-Remove gray destination point when placing a part. Perhaps if it still snaps in when near the correct location, that's good. But currently can just find the spot easily. Awesome

not bad at all I like this app. But not too much. Whenever I start using this app it hangs but my mobile is working. The app gets hang.Fix this problem. Perfect

Scale modeling in VR Great concept. I think a few things should be changed though. 1 Paint before assembly. 2. Larger selection of models. Revell alone has hundreds of models add in Italieri, Monogram and AMT and Ill never stop playing. As it sits now though Ill buy the real models first before I buy virtual ones (Just got the 83 Hurst/Olds Special Edition for Christmas) Go well

Own style There must be an option to create a own model or a box and the shop must divided into categories and there must at least one model free in each category like vehicles,engines e.t.c plz do what i say i am requestin g you Amazing!

Beautifully made game but... The store is too damn expensive and there's not enough interesting free builds to make me want to pay £6+ for a kit in the shop. Uninstalling until things change. Unfortunately because I really like it. Good

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