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Игра начала часто вылетать после 40 уровня( как только выбираешь тотемов начинаешь играть она вылетает и кристалики пропадают, и приходится заново вкл и играть исправьте пожалуйста. А так игра супер) Fantastic

I love it but hard goals in the game make easier for me please? I frustrated with it trying to get the levels completed and I just wanted to add all my original friends to Tango messaging app instead of Tango messaging app have connect this game to Facebook Messenger instead of Tango Messaging app because all oth strange people's all round the world I created account on Tango and trying to be friends with people who not appropriate on Tango by posting and something else........... I just wanted to have all my Facebook friends but not people's all over other countries take off other people's from Tango that I don't know! I don't like it Highly Recommend.

The heck it suddenly stop?? I've enjoy it so far but suddenly it stopped whenever I wanna play it. . love it

Why..... Were are the updates?????? I love this game BUT... not enuff rewards its gotten BORING with out anything NEW....... "HELLLLOOOO" lost a star because of this... "HELP" Go well

level 102 knp sulittt buangetttt yaaa..... hampir sebulan tdk bisa naik levelll.... ada yg tau caranya friend??? Superb!

Wonderful amazing ... however ive done level 175 and cant move to the next level. Any advice ? Perfect

Love this game. First time I didn't want to get rid of a game that bored me to death. Perfect!

Another one of these games not connecting to Facebook for some reason or another needs fixin plz Awesome

Game i fun very challenging i would request everyone who likes a challenge to get the game I give it 5 stars love it

Aztec Double point Why is it that when I spin the wheel, I got all three Aztecs and I was suppose to win twice the pot, I didn't. It's happened a lot and I am not impressed. Don't advertise something that is not true. But I love to play. Please fix. Also lately I've lost all my gems. I had over 10000 of them and now I have none. I'm at mm level 110 and I am considering removing this game altogether which saddens me Fabulous!

Montezuma Blitz for Tango You get to certain level andthe game is cuts ?you need to fix a way to earn more gems so we can finish the game Superb!

Feeling cheated I really enjoy this game but there have been a number of times now where I buy a power up with my hard earned points, go to play a game, get told I need to wait for more energy before playing, and end up losing the power up I just bought. Very disappointing. Add in lack of response and/or reimbursement reduces my original vote of 4 to 1 star. Fix this and you get 5 stars. Muito bom!

Love it, but... This is a fun game, I already played til level175, is this the highest level? I achieved the goal but it just didn't move to next level. Enjoy it!

Its cool and fun game!!! But there some issue. Pls fix all my gems was lost!!! Just this day i have almost 500 gems pls... pls...thank you. Why i rate it 5 stars bcuz it was so fun and i played always even just woke up in the morning :-) wow lol

Love it but have a problem I have got a problem, my energy isn't regenerating! Could you help please? I don't want to re-install Works perfectly

I want to know how or when do you get tango messenger How or when will I get tango messenger l have a nexus 7tablet and it up dates all the time but I don't have it Flawless

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