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Great app. But there are many flaws. Saving as a GIF is useless. File is corrupted. No way to contact company. Also, I paid for all filters. There should be a way to remove the watermark. Very frustrating. Marvelous

This app is fun. Some of the monsters r free, a few u have to earn by sharing the app with 2 friends (friends have to install the app & use b4 u get credit for the share) & the rest of the monsters r purchase only. $1.99 ea. or all for $3.99. I just play with the free faces & won't buy bcuz it gets kinda boring. Not an app I will keep long unless the monsters were free & keep coming up with new ones. Enjoy it!

GREAT APP....WORKS FINE FOR ME...some effects free...others yiu have to buy...but U GOTTA GET THIS !!! Worth it!

I really loved this app.All the effects are just like real monsters.But at first it made me afraid.Yes those effects are very......... good.Thanks. Worth it!

It worked better before I purchased more faces now it constantly freezes my phone up I have to shut my phone down to un freeze. Surprisingly

Can't believe it.. Amazing app.. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality both seem to find a way in android play store. Don't have words to define this, just try the app and be amaze yourself. I wish they make all the filters free though adding ads in the app but still what we got is best. Fabulous!

Great app to use but the werewolf Not bad

It's great for Halloween It's also animated as your trying out all the different types of faces Out. Work's perfect and I have an LG Stylo 2 Android phone . Try it out. It's crazy cool! Well done!!

I was thinking it will just change the face.....and nothing else.... But I am surprised that it also animates that image. Perfect!

In order to keep this better than the rest of the other programs similar to it, the Creator will have to come up with additional monsters Not bad

It works good but costs to much.. I paid $2 not knowing I'd have to keep paying. There's tons of apps like this that don't charge so much. Most are $1.00 to $3.00 for the entire thing. Sometimes charging less will earn you more money because people are more likely to buy more. Works perfectly

It works good but can't add sounds. There's tons of apps like this that don't charge so much. Most are $1.00 to $3.00 for the entire thing. Sometimes charging less will earn you more money because people are more likely to buy more. Flawless

I absolutely loved it! I told my friends that I experience mysterious reactions under the light of a full moon! After sharing the videos and photos this app made me, I think they just might believe me now Works perfectly

Totally awesome app people. You have to check this out. How do you make the picture move? Love it.... love it

The best app....One request for you developer.....Heros-fy App please publish.....all super heroes add.... iron man, Spiderman,etc.... This application working 5.0,5.1 Good

If you're a fan of monsters and/or horror, this app is incredibly cool—a definite must have for Halloween! Works perfectly

I couldn't take a photo from my gallery to make fun of it! Someone suggest me how:/ Great job

I haven't tried this game yet because today only I am downloading it but review says that it is very good games and my cousin has a downloaded this app and it should be very very nice as they said so I am confident about it that this app is very good that's why I am confident to give the review and I hope all your reviews on chair because I have lost my data connection today and I have kept it for 7 hours to download I know this is small but my net is totally gone so it took me 7 hours to download it and I hope I didn't waste my time so please like my Not bad

This app is awesome! It's so realistic,if there are more free effects it would be good Omg

I wanted to give you 7 stars for this great app. If i may request can you please make a similar app but not a monster? So the kid may enjoy also with this great app. Thanks and keep it up. Works perfectly

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