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It's great! I installed moments ago and someone from Monster reached out to me within minutes to make ask of I needed help. Very professional and quick. Best job hunt sight I've come across thus far. Worth a go!

I moved to a new state and was worried I was going to have trouble finding a job. This app made it really easy to apply for jobs and I got responses within two days of using the app!! wow lol

This has helped me alot in the last few minites. I already know i should just quit and be a stripper; the jobs are nice, to nice for me Fabulous!

Responded back quickly, and they were there to support me right away, after my first application! Just wow

Great App but has a major flaw as follows; You can't go back once you swipe to the left!!!!? 5 star

Its a good app just dont like that u can only apply or decline jobs instead of looking through Well done!!

I love the UI and "tinder" format. Forces me to actually look at a job instead of getting lost in a huge list. Not sure how to specify more of what I'm looking for in a job though, rather than just seeing every job that's there wow lol

Couldn't get it go past the sign in screen. I chose sign in with Facebook and it froze over and over again. Never got past it Just wow

I don't particularly like that the app is set up like a dating website/app or the fact that if you swipe left (dismiss a job) you cannot seem to view that job again in the future if you wanted to... whether or not you can later search for that job is unknown by me.. I'd hope that to be the case but am not sure. No other comments. Worth it!

It is awful. Keeos logging me out. Useless to look for a job on android if I need my password every other day. Omg

The app has brought a lot of job opportunities to me. It has opened my world to the work industry I have applied with. It been amazing working with them!! I'm looking forward to work them though out my job search. Great!

I just downloaded the app and so far it's very user friendly. I also have no problems when it comes to applying for jobs. Once I uploaded my resume I find it super easy to use. love it

Great app! You get many jobs and they are very active, including adding thousands (I mean like THOUSANDS) of new jobs every day! I would recommend this app to people anyone any day! Awesome

Monster App is awesome. I love the curtailed messages guiding me to worthy employers, based upon my interests and talents. Worth it!

So far from what I have seen Monster has been a great app for me and would suggest it to anyone to use if they are looking or needing a new job. Flawless

So far, this has been an awesome app. Very quick to respond if you need a question answered. Provides several job opportunities. Easy to use. Highly Recommend.

Excellent job searching app. Most comprehensive one that I've used so far. Should find another job/career in no time. Perfect

Great app and site, they actually give you pointers on how to improve your search to make your job search more successful. Great!

Great app! Useful and up to date information. I can upload my resume to the companies relevant to my job search. Thanks for making this easy Monster! Fantastic

The response time is very quick and monster will send u messages very quickly to let u know your app was submitted. Love the attention to detail that they offer. Works great

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