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I Loved This Game It really brings out my heart of Pokémon cause it's just like it. When I first installed monster galaxy I hated it this one is more exciting then monster galaxy. Pokemon is just like pokemon thats why I love it. The heart of pokemon and the heart of monster and your heart too will bond you with your pokemon or monster. I enjoy this game.

Cute monsters and some are just beautifully designed. Fantastic

finaly I`ve found rpg game like moster. Omg

Classic Turn based rpg. Just wow

Why so suddenly?! This is a great game but why does it always suddenly download soundtracks? Please fix it it... i don't want to have tons of the music in my phone. Must have

Good game and addicting Slow regeneration of energy and I also think that there should be a monster galaxy 3 where king Otho returns to seek revenge on our character or something but with new Mogas and new worlds

Great but problem I have extremely powerful mogas and I have so much fun but when I got to landfill on fourth level, I defeated the moga but it said I had to capture it so I played again and got it to 3 health but it said the moga was too wild to catch it. Plz fix this.

Complicated.. I suggest that Osteros, which I've been seen on the moga store can be legendary.. I just complaining because Osteros is my favorite moga.. Now, I have him , but I think there's more need to add onto him.. Please make Osteros a legendary moga, and promise that I'll give this game 5 stars.. Cool

Great game Very fun. Only problem is a glitch. Doesn't let me throw starseeds at golden rainburn on the 5th island. Fix for five stars

Above average Beyond a mundane use of energy and in game cash backed by real cash as present in most of these games, monster galaxy and its sequel exile manage to capture my attention far better than most other apps within its category. Having me be actively involved in battle and being similar to pokemon has certainly managed to win me over c:

For those who ran out of blue coffee,and moga & trainer energy Getting moga & trainer energy needs to use to instanly recover the energy right?Try going to the first place and fight with Peepees(It's at the last stage of the first stage)and try using the unmaxed mogas(Even when the mogas level is maxed at first stage),you get tons of blue coffee in 10 energy right?(100 energy = 10 got over 1000 B.coffees for doing that,it's true,try it! Perfect!

4* I'll giv 4 for nw... Juz started so idk wat problem i might encounter. Anyway, its fun.. Poke'mon i must say, but juz wif diff monster n interface.. Interesting n fun.. Great game so far. Keep up devs.. *thumbsup* Fantastic

bad needs update plssssss its really boring vecause no new updat and new monsters its like you gave up but its good too but needs new update :-) Muito bom!

Not bad I think this game is awesome but i thing they should create a third monster galaxy since there are more mogas to catch and the facebook monster galaxy has more mogas and i think they should add in evolutions i and hope the increase the catch rate for epic and lengendary mogas and im currently stuck at catching reaper what i think is the game is kinda of fun i hope for a third one i hope they chuold Surprisingly

For those that can't capture... or run out of starseedd U need to lvl ur highest moga to capture after the plane level. I ran into same problem. Just get ur mogas higher and you'll be able to capture :-) And those who run low on starseeds there an ez trick. Get ur 3 mogas u want to lvl. Go to first place where it's 5 energy to play missions. And do those till u get 40-60 starseeds. U get xp even though it says they are max lvl but I got 5 mogas from 33-45 doing this plus going back and capturing for 5x xp. And use lvling to refill their energy. Go well

Downloading songs Don't like how it downloads the songs from the battles and the maps... I delete them and they come back please fix or I'll delete the apps Works perfectly

What the poop First island when trying to capture winga or wingi you cant capture him I put him to 1 HP and still couldn't the success stayed at 15% I used at least six star seeds please fix other than that its a great game but every time you get on you should get like 5 moga cash to watch an advertisement Awesome

Better than the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch version You can capture MoGa in limited StarSeed to be a 100% success, if you play it on iOS, you never get a chance to be a 100% free. You also already got free 7MoGa Cash, if you play on iOS, you must buy it yourself, you can get more by playing the Lucky MoGa when there is more MoGa Cash...

COOL,BUT NEEDS UPDATE! This ga,es is so cool but it will be more cooler if it had multiplayer and pvp tha will ,make the game cool so i,'m giving 4 stars. Recommend to install Monster Galaxy Exile APK.

Simple recipe for fun - Can only play for brief amounts due to the built-in energy system. So you can't effectively determine your own pace of play. - Despite Exile being newer than the original Monster Galaxy, it is less detailed. - The party selection screen could be more efficient. +/- Animations are bad/non-existant, but the art is beautiful. +/- You don't need an account, but there's no longer a multi-player battle option in Exile. + Both Monster Galaxy and Exile remain simple yet fun games.. Recommend to install Monster Galaxy Exile APK

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