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A bug in this newest version. I wake sometimes up with no hero in one throne. No other change (monetary or else) but the lack of hero. Awesome

This is hilarious and adddictive Works great

before any update I cant sign in to google play .. and i just open it! after the update I cant take daily rewards, wine and gold. It doesnt change anything!! I also already restarted phone but still the same.. the problem now if I uninstall it .later i install it again .. while I cant sign in to my google play... so i have to play again from the start???? please provide answer i need answer now! Works perfectly

After New update Game hangs while opening technology section in my one plus 3 and Honour 8 pro as well. Need help other wise 5 stars .loved it Surprisingly

Very good game but it takes time to start and sometimes it says no internet connection but we were sitting near the modem so this problem should be fixed but it is a superb game and its my 2 nd favourite game because my 1st favourite game is monster legend Awesome

I thought it was a very well put together strategy game with a lot of unique points Worth it!

I think that signal is a problem.. lost connection but the troops is deploy .. you lost... Muito bom!

we love ur game alot but game is going very hard and expensive day by day.u should have do something about this..and we love to play with gnolls but gnolls are not something about gnolls..and some defensive structures are overpowered like circular saws,cannons,dragon Recommend

A very nice game with best graphics.But I wish I could have unlimited gold and unlocked all epic heroes! wow lol

Please fix it keeps on logging on me out on my Google play then when I log in it takes awhile then the restarts or kicks me out Perfect!

The is another Monster game like this one but tactical u guys need to check that out and dont Ban it work with them, oh and the dragon in this game should be changeable like u can choose between a griffen, ICE dragon, and so on this should be in the game pls read this its important. Awesome

I like this game It's very esy to understand how to play Really make me grin and play alot of this game :) Can you please make more of these kind of game? Recommend

What the Hell!!! This game is so good but still it has the most idiotic disadvantage - unstable connection... It has led me lost several trophies,war battles, battle supports and lots of other rewards....Either fix it or I am going to uninstall it soon with low rating!! Fabulous!

This game is soo much fun too play and i can get free stuff after day and day i recomend that you should unlock the mystery keys so it will be so much funner Marvelous

Played better and u automatically get put in war if you join some one should have the choice to war or not Omg

Easy and fun, plus it's where we can get connected to players all over the world to fight to be the best Superb!

Its pretty fun its the same concept over and over again but its a fun challenge and its still so much fun constently Well done!!

Cool game can use more monsters and hero abilties but over all keep up the good work Flawless

I hate the Dread System on heroes tats not a fair way instead of dread One shud employ the concept of tributing the heroes inorder to dread them like in the case of Dragon and bean stalk Must have

If we buy shield using gems and if we attack other online player in the game,,, does our shield time still there or cancel? Perfect!

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