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Every one else can play the game agents each other but I can not it freezes throw me off wast of my money Fantastic

I have not been able to access this game after updating my device to Motorola Nexus 6. Is there any plans to update the game to make it compatible with my device. Will give it a hire rating if I can access it on my new device. Fantastic

Great Exactly like the board game, but with amazing animations! Tiny bit slow though...

Bought it 2 days ago And wow it blew my mind away. A good app to pass time in between gym sets. Game is not that hard that it is impossible to dominate yet not easy enough to let you win everytime. Game mechanics are so simple only nincompomps could not figure this one out right of the bat. Perfect!

5/5 on nexus 7, 2/5 on Phone The phone version has serious issues and bugs so unless you're using a tablet don't bother. On a tablet it's great fun, I've already played hours with the ai and people. Fantastic

Tested works like a charm. Could have been a skip buton or express mode, without the fancy graphic. If it already exists, please let me know. Flawless

It's monopoly Monopoly at its best. Frustrating thing, can't get a win against AI, always infront then all of a sudden start loosing everything. Even on very easy. So sad Not bad

Jail?? I love this game but when a player goes to Jail they shouldn't be able to still get rents if another player lands on their block. It's a silly complaint I know but it drives me nuts because that's not in the original rules. Please put that to how it should be. Pretty good

Zombified As you can tell from the title, this game zombifies me... I sit there for hours on end playing this game. It's brilliant. The only problem i've had is that sometimes when another player lands on my hotels, and I get say '1500', I only recieve about 400. - Galaxy S5 Well done!!

EA Need to read the Monopoly rules and fix a huge error This should be a five star product however allowing players to collect rent while still in jail is a schoolboy error that should not have been made. Make sure you know the rules of a game you're converting BEFORE you go on to add bells and whistles like a 3d environment Highly Recommend.

An excellent iteration of the classic game. Pretty good

Where is the online multiplayer option. Recommend

It is exactly like the original game just on a screen. Muito bom!

Do not buy bad customer service games that don't work. Craptastic

No cross platform. Aggravating

Even Hard mode is very easy :( Happy with graphics, bit slow in loading, overall not bad, like it. Superb!

It looks great At first i thought it was great and it was!! Ignore the bad people saying rubbish stuff! Just a bit glitchy so what? That i love monopoly Awesome

Almost perfect I have experienced no crashes or problems running this game on my yoga 2. The game is an almost perfect take on the classic board game. Perfect!

Inferior to IOS version IOS version has a much better framerate. And it is not my phone. My note 3 has far more powerful innards than an iphone 5. Why the shoddy framerate? Same goes for scrabble. Recommend

Wokrs well on my phone I have a samsung galaxy fame. When I first installed the game it crashed like hell on me. I reset my phone and I've had no problems since, the graphics can get a little glitchy some times (generally if something starts loading in the background) but its always continued to work. Worth it!

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