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Really nice but need some patience The plot and especially the art is nice. They will show u some nice art that will be in ur gallery of the game after u had finished a certain chapter. Besides that, u dont really have to use ur money to proceed but a lot of patience because u need to wait for a long time for ur power (for u to read an ep) and action point (for u to gain more charm by training) to be regain. Don't forget to refer to my ID when u r registering: GcJvdH0qPq You will get some bonus if u do that Perfect!

Love this game! Graphics are beautiful. I don't like the wait times, but it's worth it. Addictive, just like the rest of these games. Here's my invite code: HezBMvSy8J. Join me! Superb!

Very fun game This is a good game. I don't mind the wait. The only thing that I would like to mention is that this is rated as a medium maturity level. Playing through it, there is a scene that may not be appropriate for younger gamers (it's nothing hardcore or bad, just an intimate scene between the two, where the guy gets handsy with your character, then it fades to black. but it definitely came as a surprise to me since it had been fairly tame up to that point). Go well

Minor issues, otherwise great The 4 hour wait to get one point of power is way to long, and the grafics are a bit too overdone. Otherwise this is a fun and interesting game. Feel free to use invite code NeYgh27ZQ and friend Laurel in game. 5 star

Awesome but... This is such a charming game. The story, the awkward but funny moments, the character design and the art are all beautifully made, but the only thing is that it takes waaaay to long to gain charm points while training all I want is to continue this game but it keeps me back for 5 days strait just because I don't have enough charm and when I do it just because I nearly always get try again, which means no money or charm points all all. Worth a go!

A few flaws Amazing but... there should be an easier way to get coins and zeni and please remove passports in the new update and all your games and I promise you that you will get 1000 more hits Perfect

Like it It is hard to play the game with so many level ups I am sitting on that and don't have coins or anything to play and I really want to get back to reading the story to find out what happens next. It bugs me when that happens BC then u are having to get stuff that u can't afford. Great job

Amazing app! Just one problem, in Rruzaburo story, there is th check point I can't pass, and if I want to pass, I have to buy a vase or something like that to improve my chances of passing the check point. Please fix this! Fantastic

11PASSPORTS It's really a nice game but 11 passports I mean what? That's not right and then you just get like 30 dangos, 10 per training and kept on saying, "Try Harder" - it sucks really sucks -_- Superb!

Amazing as always Just another amazingly thought out game from Nttsolmare. I like the art style the best, and the few comedic moments that should be present in other games as well. 5 star

I like it use GkJdAYkaY4 It is a fun game with beautiful characters and a great storyline. I recommend it to everyone who loves the Shall we date games. Please use my code for prizes GkJdAYkaY4 Marvelous

Good so far I love the art and story line so far but, the wait time is so long. Not to mention that the check points are unrealistic, I don't have the money to waste on these game. Please lower it! Enjoy it!

Loved it Someone say amazing because this apps is one of the few of the apps I rate. I loved the the mastiryous love storys as you date all of does amazing guys. P.s sorry about the spellings only been in England for one month. Works great

Weird minigame My code: MN7Qrk1umC please use it! overall, nice. But I think the minigame 'throwing stone' (or any name it is) is too weird. How can I past and continue the story if I can't win? And I need to wait so long to try it again? :( Just wow

Character The app is great but I WANT TO PLAY JINNOSUKE'S STORY! So please make him playable soon because I'm not interested with the other character except Jinnosuke Flawless

Raizo Right, I have two problems. 1) The wait for energy and 2) Raizo asks you to express how you feel but when you do your love meter remains the same. I understand that some men like it when a girl acts tough, but when said man openly states to tell him how you really feel, but then the metre remains the same, is just bogus! Brilliant

Less regeneration time please I hate having to wait 4 hours for one power, I mean that's not fair. Yeah the game is addicting and entertaining, but the hours to wait... In total you have to wait 20 hours for full power I mean some of us can't wait... Can you at least lower it down to 2 hours? Please? For me? Superb!

Great except.... Take the god forsaken checkpoints out. It's ridiculous that you make people have to buy the damned coins just to get what they need for these. Not to mention they're completely pointless! Other than this, I enjoy these games thoroughly. Perfect

Love Inuyasha? Love this! KED7CRSwD2 Pls use my code for bonus. Beautiful illustrations, just need music. All of the gorgeous guys have another stunning demon transformation!! Eat your hearts out! I really want to fall in love with the demon king! ♡ wow lol

Takes forever It takes forever to collect the money to get past the checkpoints. I really liked the game it has a great story plot but I am not going to go back everyday for like 12 days to collect enough money to get past the checkpoint. Wish they would fix this. Awesome

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