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On the iPhone moments was great. On the pixel 2 xl, my videos are uploading garbage quality. I'm pretty disappointed because I have my whole family using moments and now I can't share good quality videos. It's not even decent. It's very poor. Marvelous

Thank u so much I had to get a new phone thought all my pics were gone but nope they were safe and restored them from moments Recommend

I love it so far I'm still getting used for HughesNet learning more about it I really look forward to sharing my photos thank you guys so much Worth a go!

Cause you can send pictures to other people I haven't used it in a long time I'm just starting to use it now I like it so far Omg

I love being able to have ALL of my photos backed up in one place! having having everything sorted by dates is super convieniant to look back on and for creating projects. Go well

Love it! My phone was stolen and it had all my pictures in it.. I had managed to send some to memories before it had...thankfully I had.. I was so happy they were there.. Go well

I just let the program gather photos for me, then deselect one or two usually, think up a title and send off to a friend. I have the moments captured for posterity with very little effort. When I have some time, I'll explore filters and collage, to see if they even exist :-D I probably should know better how to distinguish Photos from Moments better. I edit and use filters more with Photos. Both are great additions to the fun of the photographic phone picture-taking process. Well done!!

Just starting with this app. Once I learn how to fully use it, I'm sure my rating will go up. Must have

I was just ask to join this by a FRIEND So I'll say it must be a great app if my friends like it Well done!!

Well the one thing I really loved is it helped me recover almost 3000 pictures I thought were lost forever on my Facebook sync so that alone is worth so much too pics are a huge part of my life and even how I make a living...Thanks Moments so much!!!! Omg

Love that it has most of my photos from over the years but when the "synced photos" on Facebook changed to moments I did lose a lot of my cherished photos because they didn't transfer over that was a huge problem I have. I say have because I contacted Facebook support and addressed this issue and still haven't received any sort of response. Worth a go!

Best app for Photos! Surprise your folks with moments from moment. But now refuses to work on my Samsung Note8, why? Works perfectly

This was a surprise to me but wonderful that it was sent to me I'm glad my family and friends sent it to me so I could see them and they will be able to see me and the things we do in life. Thank you so much moments for thinking of this and creating an album. Marvelous

Didn't know Moments existed until a friend sent me an album via it. Installed it and started creating albums. So easy to use and will be useful for me to share photos with my friends in family in other countries. wow lol

I don't usually open a lot of apps because it takes up so much room in my phone sometimes but I'm very impressed with moments Recommend

If I could sync Moment's with Google Photos automatically instead of having to manually upload or download photos, this app would be perfect. Worth a go!

Haven't really been able to complete anything yet but have been checking it out. Love what can be done on this app. 5 star

It lets me share videos and other things that are too large for my phone to forward Cool

Easy to use to make albums and share. Would be nice to allow changing "ownership" of the album for editing purposes. Android album creation could be improved if titling allowed upon addition of album...or if album created with title and then photos shared to the appropriate album. Would be great to have album addition capabilities at the top of the screen instead of scrolling to the bottom to add an album. A sort feature would also be great. Room for improvement, but overall a good app that allows everyone the ability to view and save photos. Omg

It has taken over a year to get oriented with Moments. And I am still learning to use it. wow lol

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