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Really Loved the game so far and I'm currently on chapter 4 when the game stopped working... Can't even login, the intro always freezes at startup -- Already tried restarting phone and connection is really stable.. Please help me fix this issue Flawless

Best interactive story game ever!!! It's so kawaii!!! I absolutely adore the characters and story, the whole atmosphere of the game is wonderful! It's only problem is the time it takes to recharge the free story tickets, the cost of things (especially jewels, the premium currency), and the time it takes to recharge ninja fight stamina. If that could be lowered from one point every 5 minutes to one point every 4 minutes, and the ticket regen from one every 4 hours to one every 3 hours, I swear this would be the best game of its kind to have ever existed. Great!

Good game overall. The art is lovely, they make your choices have impact on the story too. Unless you're willing to pay though, this game will be one of those once a day sprint games. Still worth the time put in. Muito bom!

Loving the story! But the ninja fights are often unbalanced... im always against higher lvl players with more items than me... ive lost count of how many times I lose in a row... Flawless

Very very fun and attention grabber but the gacha's are way too expensive. I use my jewels for the checkpoints so I never have enough. PLEASE LOWER THE PRICES OF THE GACHA TO ATLEAST 50 OR 80 GACHA PLEASE Fantastic

Great game, just wish they would do something about checkpoints. If you can still get the premium story without sacrificing so many diamonds, then you can have more left over for the next one. Sometimes i have to wait just to get 300 diamonds for premium story and your just getting something that you will/will not like. But still is a good game Omg

The story is awesome and the events make it really fun too, but could you guys do something about those checkpoints? I get it you want to make money off of this game het every time I'm in the middle of a cookie collection event I get a checkpoint that requires 7000 more niney than I have making it impossible to play the game and participate in the event Worth it!

Its a cute dating sim/ninja game. the only problem is the way you devs give us free tix is way too long and leaves us cliffhanger throughout the story.I wish you guys should lessen the timer of free tix from 4 hrs every tix to 2 hrs so we could play 2 chapters a day. Great job

I personally love this app. I suggest it to anyone who likes silly romance stories that are determined a little bit by your choices. It's not a giant change, but if you want to go down a specific route you can always look it up. You can play the game for free or by paying some of your muns, but do know that I would consider it perfectly fine in both cases. Really fun game. Go well

Its a fun enough game if you have the money to play. Otherwise you have to wait hours to progress the story. There is a few things that you can guess almost right away but overall a good read through. Just wow

The game's quite sensational! You wouldn't believe how hooked I am to this game when I finally found it then played it. The story is quite good, the cast are very unique. All in all, a great game. Oh, it would be nice to add some mini-games that allow players to gain nineys/gems other than the ninja fights. Also, there were some hick-ups with some of the dialogues where the words don't make sense but it's still readable. love it

Great game... Hate waiting to get my story tickets though, reduce the wait time for Christ sake. I have to wait a full day to play for 20 minutes at most. Worth a go!

The story is really the best part of the whole game. The ninja fighting seems to be arbitrary , as you can have high stats and still lose a match. Collecting new gear is fun but you don't get as much new gear as you would like. Sometimes the game stretches the abilities of my Amazon fire eight and crashes under Google Play add in. This story definitely makes it worthwhile playing though it's funny and titillating! ;-) Good

Looks promising but game keeps kicking me out. Hopefully this is fixed soon. Edit: got a new phone and eventually tried this again. Only played season 1 but i think its pretty decent. The wait times between tickets are very long but i dont think its meant to be played that long. love it

Overall a pretty fun app. A few glitches running on my older Samsung. Definitely like the ninja fight. Only downside is story tickets and the time they take to replenish. Great!

This game is good but every time I play it I can only do a little at a time until the screen starts glitching out. Now I don't know if its the type of phone I'm using but I've tried to play this with two different phones and it did the same thing. I would enjoy the game much better if this bug was fixes. Fabulous!

A very fun game to play in spare time, a simple visual novel with a nice choose your own adventure and some funny moments. The small mini games are cool to play when not reading the story and I actually found myself strategizing and swapping out items for the Ninja fight mini game! Something that does bother me though is premium story gem cost. It is a good money making trick but it feels like it pops up a bit too much. Sure there are ways to get free gems but it is quite a lengthy process just for a different storyline and picture. Overall though Moe! Ninja Girls is a game I would very much recommend to people who are interested in visual novels and people who just have a bit of time to burn. Well done!!

The game is awesome, but could you please bring some graph fixes (or mb it's my bad, but graphics on my mobile are very bad, pixilised), and please, cut a story ticket cooldown a little. Thank you for such wonderful game! Must have

On the whole, great fun with an interesting plot and likeable characters. The time needed for free story tickets is a bit annoying, though. Instead of 2 or 3 hours, maybe 20 or 30 minutes instead? Asides from that, though, I'm gonna stick with it for the time being. Great job ^^ Not bad

Everything about the story is great but using "Hentai" instead of pervert it doesn't sound that great and it's kinda upsetting. Using jp words to Engs is just wrong. Well that's gow i feel anyways well nonetheless story is good. wow lol

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