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I dont like that it tells you im online. I cant be secretly on. Without everyone getting at you up hella fast Worth a go!

Hi my username is Fattie862 my account has been muted , i can send private messages but I cannot type in any rooms, it's stressful making new profiles and none are working please fix this issue 5 star

Have a boring life but after I downloaded your app this weekend it was actually exciting Fabulous!

Free to meet people and fun playing the game's I know if been here since 2010 so if I didn't like it !! I wouldn't be here if I didn't " but I Love it !! I'm x2sweet43x have fun !!! Good

Its good but I don't know why I am unable to meet new members from different countries Marvelous

I think is a bit okay for dating,but too many ads pops and destruct me. That's very bad,but anyways you guys nailed it Go well

It's a good chat site to meet new people that are really fun to talk to n easily to get along with. Worth it!

The social network part of Mocospace is ok, but as of recently I haven't been able to log in to my account. Great job

I like it but its too many ad's popping up. You can't enjoy it without being interrupted every 2 minutes Marvelous

I really did Philip some open space some quiet lonely time I miss easy to communicate here it has a lot to offer so it's a lot to enjoy this very friendly it's better than all the other spots that just to meet somebody you got to pay money come on with the greedy hungry mother is always asking you to pay for this pay for that it's just ridiculous so I can relax and have a conversation I don't need to have to be charged to sit at Starbucks to talk to someone and sip some coffee I mean what is a box on the table it says if you guys want to message each other it's going to question 999 full week or $30 for a month or $44 for 3 months I'm not into those chat sites I think that's a hungry pimp Great job

You could fix the bounty room I have a cell phone only and the profile's are cut off the fight and auto on there profile's is cut off please fix it I need to get some bountys wow lol

Would be great if you could buy VIP status in the UK it claims you can but everything is in dollors and forget support they never reply to requests for help never known company refuse cash before Surprisingly

After months of long hours building profile it was all a waste of time because battlefield is to quick for phone to handle Marvelous

The ads in chat rooms is very annoying and covers the chats. Real pain in the ass Works great

Safe place to chat any problems definitely their to help and anyways keep up the gd work Perfect

The app seems to be a good app not for sure if you can video chat on that though Must have

This place is a good place for games as well as meeting some good people. LeeJohnson79 love it

I love this app it is very easy and useful and you is going to find your soulmate I just love this website this is one of the best sites that I would ever love to be on and would love to get 5 stars 2 day is very good Perfect!

It's a good app I like the VIP sticker being a artist but sometime it disappears other than that it's a good app Brilliant

Other than the numerous perks they provide for free which is totally awesome that the app is even available the only downside is that it's slow at times, the pops ups and ads tend to be annoying but they offer ad free access currency. Which is considerate but also inconvenient. Usually works smooth but has it's glitches occasionally. I enjoy every minute of it!!! love it

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