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Notification do not pop out like others apps do. Please improve so without opening the app you can get notification. But its very good for easy and multiple account. Flawless

It's great App, and very useful in multiple accounts. But make it fast in response whenever Clicked Flawless

This app is what I have been looking for. It's perfect. I love it. It's a great app. Very useful. Am happy because am enjoying it. thanks Not bad

what the hell ads giving on this app is ur faimlies using this app is they watching that sexual ads ?? Go well

So far so Good, one request though, an option to switch the other WhatsApp off. Most reasons for having work WhatsApp and personal is to be able to switch off the other when busy or off. Kindly assist with that. Otherwise it makes my life easy. Fantastic

Hi, I've a trouble with this apps since upgraded to Oreo. Can you please help? Thank you. Go well

Awesome app have two accounts of each no nees to carry 2 phones 100% working no ads its jist perfection love it

It is a nice app . As any mobile has two sim so the mobile has two WhatsApp . It will help Cool

It's marvelous indeed, bravo to the developer, we need more apps like this in future. 5 star

that's good i glad to install that app i enjoying two whatapp account at same time Superb!

It's nice to use it but at times it disturbs, but generally it saves the time of carrying two phone with different whatsapp numbers Well done!!

Good App for making more than accounts of any app we can use such as Marvelous

It's an amazing app for keeping multiple whatsapp accounts on. Will have given a 5 star, except notifications don't remain on top left corner of screen like the usual whatsapp. Once that is fixed, you will get my 5 stars. Great work guys Amazing!

It is better than the previous app I used. This one doesn't rquire opening it before I receive notifications fron the clone apps. Go well

This is amazingly super doper app.i have love to use it ..every time .thanks for the team for such a great app.. Fantastic

It is a really good application for those who wants to use same apps with two different account for eg.right now I am working in UAE country here I am using two whatts app account in one mobile one account of my home country mobile number and other one with UAE number as its easy to communicate my local colegues and friends and this app works very fast Omg

Good application Please add original Messanger and Original Facebook like Playstore messanger and Fb thanks Surprisingly

This app is rlly intresting i enjoy alots Super sa laka upper...... Kay baat Kya bast 5 star

कति लट्ठ गाड़ राखे हैं भाई।। स्वाद सा आ ग्या।। Works great

Nice its really good app...... I really enjoy this app and so many features and Interestingly on this app very normal using this app..... Muito bom!

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