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Suddenly today mochat apps failing. After an update of the apps i frequently used, the apps alert error 0000006 as its agreement violation and close the apps. Please fix this. Worth it!

It's very very useful and a creative idea too. But sometimes it crashes. Thumbs up Works great

This app getting hanged and not open pdf and doc file through what's app chat .So many adds are there pls improve that of stuffs Great job

Its very wonderful coz it gives us quality and they mean whatever said on this application u can create more accounts. Perfect!

Unstable on Android 5.1.1, ZTE Midnight Pro. Also restarts constantly regardless to settings. No way to disable. Has phishware that can be disabled. Omg

I just love this app.thank u so much for such a lovely I can use 2 WhatsApp for official and personal use. Not bad

I loved this app bcz of this I can use multiple WhatsApp a/c in my phone. But using this occurs hangout sometime Highly Recommend.

Nice app but after some days it says " something went wrong, please try again " which is boring. Flawless

I have installed the app today and after adding WhatsApp and opening, it is showing this version of WhatsApp can not be used beyond 13/01/2018. Kindly update your WhatsApp app. Perfect

I like it, but the Facebook and message are giving me issues.... Constantly logging me off. The whatsapp is awesome wow lol

You cannot backup your chats to google drive like the generic functionality of that app. Highly Recommend.

May I know can I create shortcuts apply on homepage? I means all the extra whatsapp or wechat.. Fantastic

Tell who ? you what this thing !! Anyway who is minded person about internet connection with play b/g also used this application for safety others. Cool

That is a really Good App....My friend's Can also use thair Accounts On My Phone... So Thank u so much...! Bilal DaYO Recommend

I think it's nice bring able to access different accounts using one app and it store other apps Go well

Very good product. We can use two WhatsApp in a single device. But getting alot of adds. Enjoy it!

I luv it, but always closes or will I say crashing. Pls improve on it. UNA DEY TRY O . I HAIL UNA. MEANING: U GUYS ARE TRYIN KIP IT UP. @Mc9ja say so Surprisingly

It really good app love it to the max i have inform my friends about it and i recommend it to you all. Highly Recommend.

thank u guyz this is amazing app that u can use two accounts in one phone thnk u again Cool

Please tell me what to do if we want to update the apps inside this clone app..thank you Fantastic

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