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So interesting, but I find it difficult to share whatsapp status on the clone whatsapp app, and I also find it hard uploading display picture on my cloned truecaller app.... Great job

Awesome app! I can make as much as I'd I wish to, ans it don't get hang like parallel space! MO chat is far better than it, I love it!!!!!!! Well done!!

Can't upload or download pictures or videos once d app is moved to sd card from phone memory.. Amazing!

It is good but if we ope n it then only messeng come if we not open this then no masseg came Surprisingly

Just an awesome app. I liked it very much. Worked on my mobile. But speed is quite slow. Maybe you guys fix it later. Thanks ❤❤✌✌ Good

Helpful to use multiple accounts in one device. Impressive but there are ads, not too many but there are some which interupt many times. Otherwise app is fantastic. Flawless

Nice one but only Facebook and WhatsApp are multiple clones. I think other apps should be multiple times. Awesome

Its really cool to use 2 number what's app at a time....I am using and I like this app... Well done!!

This app is amazing. Uses less RAM. Opens easily without any flaw. Both numbers are online at the same time. Noticification of msg's when we come online. More over no annoying ads. Keep up the good work Mochat team... Recommend

Supports wechat on Oreo and sharing to wechat. The only one I found can do so on oreo Marvelous

Too many ads, the apps unfortunately stops working after every few minutes, you are forced to log in again as session expired quickier Works great

Very nice Create a nice android games especially football that will work on Android devices Pretty good

A very good app, Rating it 5 but I will appreciate if you work on the app to have an unread message counter. I can't tell If i have a message until I open the app. Flawless

Nice app you may handle your two or more what's app account in a single phone, I give 5 star but some issues I have, as some one messaged you on secondary what's app number it's still not shown when you don't tap this app.. Must have

This is a cloning aap like others but it shows adds and it takes time to open, i am using Instagram and it takes 6-7 seconds to open and it hangs a lot in Redmi note 4, is there any paid version,so that it works fast and no ads. Omg

It's a very good app and it has let me create WhatsApp for my six sim cards, I encourage every one to use it Cool

Is a good app but too strong for even Samsung note 3 battery. It runs down battery very fast unless on save battery mode for which matter, unless you open the app before you receive your messages. Awesome


This is very helpful I have to go with 5 stars I less 1 star because of much ad's otherwise I really like this app!!! Good

The app is very good and recommendable but the add-on advert is too much. It's a sweet app that gives the best you deserve in having multiple accounts of a particular social network app on the same phone. Kudos! Worth a go!

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