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Good working. Dont take risk. The all esy to work. I think a large steps but........ Enjoy it!

excellent... it does wat its say... ... however the app is suddenly stopping periodically... minor issue though... Superb!

Loved it but I don't receive Whatsapp messages until I launch the app, pls fix this, thanks. Not bad

Excellent app.The only problem is that the advert must be taken off.It is too much and annoying and destruction.My number was banned when I tried to verify it Enjoy it!

I think you have to upgrade your app so that we can receive notifications across or aside the old WhatsApp, I mean let's receive both notifications Superb!

Nice one but only Facebook and WhatsApp are multiple clones. I think other apps should be multiple times. Perfect

Its actually working and very good apps, except for the ads, which i dont really mind Go well

It's such a useful app. Comes in handy for multiple accounts. Saves you the burden of carrying multiple devices just go use different social media accounts Highly Recommend.

Excellent app.The only problem is that the advert must be taken off.It is too much and annoying and destruction. Surprisingly

There is chance to create for wattsapp n FB IDs many but wat abt reaming apps like paytm r Bhim app r some other apps which are essential to us....... Perfect!

I think now I can use my whatsapp number in a feature phone and simultaneously access any messages sent on WhatsApp. Fabulous!

Easy to use 2nd account first we have to change our account daily but because of this app its easy to use 2nd account wow lol

Too much advert. But does the job. Should have a premium that's ad free. Overall great app. Brilliant

Far better than parralal space.take little quickly and not much bugs. Enjoy it!

Very nice app and really very much appreciated! Keep up doing the good work, and make more thing like this in future, thank u Omg

Aside from it malfunctioning after sharing on my status on whatsapp (it refuses to send my messages) it's working fine for me. Pls maker try to look into that Flawless

I give 3 stars for this app because, when I clone my clash of clan, it works great, but i can't sync it with my google a/c. And i think that is the most important thing because it enable us to recover our village in a new device. Plz see to it, otherwise its great 5 star

Good app But Same number 2 account not use plz update 1 phone number li 2 account use plz Update Sir Cool

This is really commendable, l suggest the app for maximum benefits of android device usage. It worth downloading. Pretty good

Its a good app but i cant connect to am another google account. Please help me to slove the problem. Highly Recommend.

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