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Honestly... Why would you let us pick between the two themes if theyre just the same? That just gives the game a huge amount of storage for a useless thing better off remove it or change it honestly. Because if you want more players to play your game you got to lessen the capacity of the game itself. Also add like a skip on the tutorial its annoying how you can't skip it even though you already know how to play the game. Perfect

Always show replay is full can't save even there is only 1 replay in the list Saved. Solved After uninstall and install again. But laggy is an issue lately. still laggy till 263ms.. using both data or wifi... Uninstall install n when lag.. 1. Suddenly enemy in front of you... 2. Character start to move forward itself when lag.. like.. pls kill moving forward. When in lobby it's like 30 to 40ms... And once the match you have to pray for not lag.. or play.. Great!

Im at ranked epic... And something wrong that i cant open This game. My internet is okay... I dont know why pls help me moonton. I try to uninstall an install it back but still the sama cant open and ita loading to slow Omg

Please ban all the afk. The new update is good but when Lesley out, the game not balanced anymore. Lesley damage just very much in early game. I know you guys working on it but just make it faster. Balanced all the hero. Recently i see many op hero and it is new hero. Balanced the new hero and balanced old hero too. Like fanny, In early game until latest game she is powerful. Pretty good

Pls I need help my mobile legend login keep got problem if not in the game already keep connection problem after that u guys will - my credit. After that now I can't even play ranking with my friend what happen. Pls tell me asap and I use alot of money on this game already Awesome

I already light the firecrackers for 6 or 7 times and I only got 1 skin:lapu-lapu. Isn't it "The first three times you light firecrackers, you're guaranteed to receive a skin reward"? Do something. My id number is 42515950 Awesome

Quite simply a super fun game. This game does exactly what it is supposed to, which is provide a fun portable moba experience condensed into short bursts of fun. This is one of the few games where even losing is a fun experience for me. Pros - wide range of heroes, fun over the top cartoon graphics, multiple game modes, great community and incredible speed of matchmaking that still some how retains quality of matchups. Cons - I am personally not a fan of the joystick based control system, the heroes require quite a bit of time playing before you can get enough in game currency to unlock them. So if you haven't already started playing this game then you are definitely missing out love it

It's a pretty amazing game, like league of legends but what makes it amazing is that you can play it on your phone. The only problem is the prices of the heroes and skins. Most of the heroes are 32k battle points.. So it would be fair if it was at least 5k cheaper than that. Also the game lags sometimes which interups gameplay which can cause you to unexpectedly die. For anyone who is reading this, I highly recommend this game to anyone. It's amazing and extremely addictive!! Not bad

Overall fun game, but teams are always separated in skill. One team usually dominates the other and there are only a few occasions where both team are evenly matched. Classic mostly has this problem, but brawl and rank have it too. It gets boring and repetitive when you know you're gonna lose. Marvelous

So whats this about need to go lvl8 before u can chanve account?? Its bothersome.. Ive quit a few months ago and started to come baxk but what did i get?? Turn lvl 8 before u can change account?? SPLENDID.. U did oitdo this game before the game was so laggy and stuff but now?? With that new req.? It became WORST!!! remove that.. Its a waste of time Go well

Every month this game has update due to new hero. But I feel this game start to become meaningless as it lag so often. If only I lag ok maybe is due to my phone.. but I can see players stay there for like 30sec and get kill often.. many afk on starting point but players can't move and get kill... this seem so stupid. Is this a stupid game??? Lucky it can be a free game or else i will be very angry Enjoy it!

after update I can't even join or search the game now. It keeps saying me that I was refusing many games, but in fact the game wasn't even found when I searched for the battle. i try email CS and they fast response. i just clear data and clear cache then reinstal this game and everything back to normal now. Amazing!

Hello developer of Moonton. I really love your game. This is the best game ever. But there is one thing. Can you please make this game performs well in my Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos? I would be delighted if you could do this. Please developer, I'm begging you. Make this game smooth on my phone like other phones. It often lags and sometimes it quit to the homescreen by itself. I also cannot bind my account. Please fix this. Thank you. Worth a go!

Please fix the login account setting for the beginning of the game Good

You support is very bad and prolly no one replies at all because I've been waiting for a while and I've just been waiting. I do like this game a lot but I need my old account back but your support needs to answer in-game or reply to my email. 5 star

I don't know what happened to Mobile legends bang bang the most popular moba game recently. Very disappointed with the game. The most irritating, the lag issues when I don't have any problem with my internet connection still the ping is very high like 285-300ms and not stable too. Enjoy it!

Please try to develope a new system for Ranked Match such as a proper win rates or some how a proper gameplay for a higher ranks. Because I always paired up with lots of low skill level player and when I'm at Epic - Legend rank still teamed up with those kind of player. And also please make a heavier and more strict punishment to who being AFK in the middle of the game like ban them for like 7 days from playing ranked match or those who frequently AFK are needed to complete 10 wins in Match Up Mode in order too play Ranked Match again. Please consider. TQ. Works great

I LOVE this game it is sooooooo adicting like omg! I love how theres lots of other characters I never want to get off this game and whenever I get told to go somewhere Im like wait! I need to finish this game and my parents get soooo fed up with me but oh well thats how adicting it is like every time I come back from somewhere I go straight on the game same with when I wake up im literally on this game for the whole entire DAY!!!! Recommend

Custom lobby is Okay but when it comes to 1v1(on mid) its unfair because sidelanes has unbalance creep wave and the other team has more stronger creeps. plss fix make a room for 1v1 but not like the brawl. LOL CREEPS CAN END THE GAME FASTER THAN HEROES Well done!!

This is my number 1 fav mobile app and it is so fun. The graphics are pretty good, the gameplay is amazing, and the controls are perfect. The characters are awesome as well as their attacks and abilities. I also love how you can buy upgrades like speed upgrade, attack damage upgrade, and health and armor upgrade. 10/10 (ง°ل͜°)ง༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Brilliant

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