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Updated from play store and the app keep restarting. Come on. Fix this. Or change the bind account feature back. Its a hassle to go thru the leveling til level 8 Highly Recommend.

Saya tidak suka, karena saat saya bermain game lag dan eror mengulang dari awal loading, sampai hp eror beneran Go well

PLEASE NOTICE ME!!!!! I changed my phone recently i wanna get back to my previous account in order to load account i have to get to level 8??? Seriously why?? Just wow

the game could have five stars but the heroes cost is still high. And I feel the open-menu interface could still be simplified and not have so many of those ads-like thing. May be it can have various maps for brawl, classic and rank and not A.I or custom. Instead of that A.I or Custom I think there should be like demo training mode. where by one can test the heroes abilities as long as we have buyed the hero through battle points. Omg

Fantastic game. I really like playing it and i just want tobsay is that there must be some understanding. If a player leaves the game in between, you shouldn't act for that immediately because you dont know the exact reason for why he/she left. It can be some sort of emergency. This problem may make others addictive to it more. Otherwise i really enjoy this game Flawless

What an awesome MOBA game! Smooth controls,neat graphics,and cool effects! My favorite hero is Layla! ok Imma brag about my MVPs now...Last night I just started and I got 4 MVPs in a row..I have 6 MVPs now....yes I'm bragging ;) Works perfectly

Great game. Maybe add a 'god' mode in custom so that players can give themselves any amount of gold and give themselves buffs or control whether minions are spawning or not. That way when people want to try out builds or conduct fast 1v1s they are able to and it also allows players to plan things or strategies on the map without having to spend time farming in a bot match Pretty good

Amazing game but not 5 stars. The game play and everything is amazing but my only problem is that it takes forever to get a good hero because it costs so much. The amount that you get for a game is such a small amount for how much heroes cost. New complaint. Pharsa has an overpowered ultimate. Every other hero takes about 30 seconds for an ultimate to recharge but hers is 8 seconds. And being able to do something that strong every 8 seconds is just too op. Great!

This app is really great. I have no complaints about it tbh but I just have a tiny problem. Can you please fix this app so that Miya's arrows on her skill Rain of Arrows(in Sweet Fantasy skin) will be shown? Not a single arrow showed in this current version. Thank you :) Cool

Ranked match up system is totally ruined. Why some other players with low skill level got in the Legend? And why I'm always pairing with team with a low skill level? I'm already in legend but still pairing me with Epic rank? And also this one, should we really get MORE THAN 10 LOSE STREAK BEFORE WE CAN PAIR UP WITH A HIGH SKILL LEVEL PLAYER AND REALLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY? OR YOU JUST DONT WANT US TO GET A HIGHER RANK FAST. Pretty good

In my opinion this game is very good. The passive abilities of the heroes give a more complex gaming experience, unlike other mobile MobA games. Graphics are OK, even though thats not important. The game is also newbie-friendly, but expect to see many players who have no idea of what they are doing. I have found no bugs in the game, the developers are doing a great job! In the end, I have to say the game is not pay to win, but spending money can get you to be better in less time. Most of the money will go into skins anyways, and skins do not affect the gameplay. However, I say the game developers deserve to earn some money because the game itself is totally free! Enjoy it!

The most unbalanced game ive ever played!!!. Make your heroes more balance dont make champion so op, that thing made me angry so much nerf some of your heroes..don't make heroes more often this is being a bull sh*t. you focus making new heroes instead of focusing much on the gameplay development,but the rest i enjoyed playing this. The fluidity is so smooth and the high frame rate mode really makes the game more smooth and high quality graphics, but other than that develovers if you are reading it much appreciate to you guys and please make your game more better.thank you for your time.... :) Works great

Good control. Good graphic.. Start play on s2, stop at s4 as game become "less enjoyable" as less rewarding for playing during that season. But start playing again because developer start to increase more update like new hero, fun game modes, etc... Keep it up, stay on top! Go well

The overall gameplay is nice and and the graphics for this game is also great. The only complaint i have is to make the level to login into existing account either at lvl 5 or below if not don't put at all as i am a player who reinstalled the game and wanted to play games with the heroes that i have and with the skill that i have gained. So to me not being able to login to an existing account from the get go is a let down. @moonton Well done!!

Its super duper fun... But I just don't like the newest update because there is and error that will make you not able to play please fix it fast cause other wise I love it a lot . But now that it is fine I love it its my favourite game I've ever played and so on I like it, My bad not like, Love! The person who made this game, Thanks you. I don't think I'd be able to live if this game wasn't created you know? So.... I appreciate this game and that person or thing who made this game! 10/10 No I'm kidding. 1000000000000000/10, Thanks you for making this game, For the last time, Thanks you for making this game. And one more time. Thanks you. Perfect

I think this is a great game but .... there is some issue that ur login there u need to bind account?! MOONTON said people lost there account because of this why do they have to want us to bind and Can u guys put racist report plz hope u guy work out this Enjoy it!

Love the game! So addictive. I could play it the whole night. Intense graphic, good gameplay, good strategies. But too many lags and ping spikes spoiled it all. Will rate it 5 stars when it perform greatly without lags as in the game of Vain Glory. Fix this, we dont need new updates of heroes. What's the point of enjoying the game with full of lags and spikes?? 5 star

The new update. Which adds the new arena is really broken. My phone ( Xiaomi Redmi 3S ) can't handle the lag, it keeps freezing, it's already on lowest graphics mode, and i already tried both arena, the lag still happening. Pharsa and Yi Sun Shin Ultimate makes the lag even worse. It's not about the ping, it's about framerate. I will never rate higher if the lag not yet fixed. Not bad

After the latest update today.. i m vry unsatisfied on this version.. its take vry long time to log in.. or sometimes even couldn't log in at all! And got few times after the game started, i couldn't ctrl the character as usual due to serious lagging.. and cause me afk.. and my credit score was deducted caused me not allowed to play the rank game.. its frustrated! Surprisingly

New to this game, match making is horrible. I'm lvl17 playing with players that are lvl30 and i always end up with people that should be a lower rank level. I am hard stuck in grandmaster and just don't seem to get a solid team. Iwould truly enjoy this game if they can work on the match making. On a site note: Should make most cc a skill shot and not just a point and click, if it is a point and click atleast make the stun duration way less. Even if you clense one stun you are lock down for another 3sec and at that time you are garenteed to be dead. I understand that you should move with your team to insure you are safe, but like I said you actually need a team to do so. Omg

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